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Work with Colliers International Consulting to solve the big real estate problems and make the best plans.

Colliers International Consulting team helps our clients solve problems by making superior planning and tailored development decisions using robust real estate research, strategic analysis and objective advice. 

Developers and Owners

Colliers Consulting helps developers and landowners understand the true potential of real estate assets through strategic analysis of site characteristics, land use market activity, urban planning context, and thorough financial analysis.

First Nations

Colliers Consulting has expertise in economic development and land-use planning in Canada's First Nations communities, which recognizes the unique governance, community goals and land ownership structures within both urban and rural areas.


Colliers Consulting works with municipalities, as well as federal and provincial agencies across the country, actively supporting decision-making processes regarding key land use, planning and development issues through independent and reliable market and financial analysis.


Colliers Consulting provides reliable, independent and strategic real estate economics and land development advice to institutions with challenges related to land, long-range planning or asset management.


Colliers Consulting specializes in retail analysis focusing on site selection, trade area analysis and network optimization through demographic modeling, sales forecasting and detailed competitive mapping.

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Gordon Easton

Managing Director, Vancouver Consulting
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James Smerdon

VP & Director
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