Time to consider a career in CRE?

Want a career but stuck in a job?

Take a left turn and consider commercial real estate.

Career but stuck in job

You’re smart. You’re savvy. You have what it takes to succeed.

But you’re stuck in a job instead of a career.

Perhaps your company sets a limit on how much money you can make. (You know you’re eligible for more but corporate policies dictate otherwise.) Or your partners, or even your manager, won’t let you bring ideas and solutions to senior leaders or the C-suite because ‘that’s just the way it is’ or there’s just too much bureaucracy or they think you don’t have enough experience or haven’t been there long enough. Or maybe there is a bunch of other reasons that don’t make sense.

All you know is you want to build an exciting and successful career. Now, you just need to find the right company that will let you do just that.

When you hear the term “commercial real estate”, you might automatically think of leases, rents and buying and selling buildings, plazas and parking lots. However, the truth is the industry has evolved, focusing on addressing clients’ business challenges – whether it’s raising employee engagement, increasing productivity or expanding into new markets – with the right property solutions.

Take a left turn and consider a fulfilling role in commercial real estate. When you work with an industry leader like Colliers, you’ll be able to leverage our brand and reputation while accessing the right support and resources – including marketing, systems and development – to help you succeed in this fast-growing, fast-paced field.

While a license is necessary to buy and sell commercial property, what’s more important is what you bring to our team and to your clients. Our most successful and satisfied employees and advisors share the following attributes that create a collaborative workplace culture:

They embrace change and take thoughtful risks.

Being passionate in your work, accountable for your goals and objectives, and focused on delivering results speaks volumes more than just sales. We love people who are curious and ask questions to drive innovation and improvements.

They deliver outstanding customer service.

Without a good relationship, it’s difficult to partner with someone and find the best solutions. We believe in building strong and meaningful relationships by understanding our clients’ business goals and working closely with them on solutions that benefit everyone and drive results.

They share their insights and expertise.

We encourage our employees to understand how our business operates and focus on what will increase efficiency, productivity and innovation. Every contribution is valuable so we encourage our people to share their knowledge and expertise, whether it’s related to commercial real estate trends, a specific client or prospect, or other industries.

They collaborate and value different perspectives.

We pride ourselves on the valuable relationships we have with our clients, colleagues and communities. Our employees appreciate and value diverse perspectives, backgrounds and opinions, and leverage these differences to create and deliver the best results for our company and our clients.

They take the initiative and aren’t afraid to ask others for help.

Our people are proactive, seeking feedback from others and pursuing development opportunities to improve skills, enhance strengths and overcome challenges.

You can trust them.

We like people who are honest and authentic in what they say and do. They take responsibility for their actions and commitments and understand how they impact others. Don’t you?

Take that left turn and get unstuck from doing ‘just a job’ at your current firm to an exciting and fulfilling career in commercial real estate. You never know where that road may take you. 

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