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Computer Modelling Group Breaking Ground in Calgary's University Research Park

Uncommon new commercial development in Calgary's northwest

CMG Rendering

CMG (Computer Modelling Group) had outgrown two separate facilities in the Northwest's University Research Park, which is situated on the University of Calgary lands. With just over 200 employees, the company was looking to expand to a more suitable building to gather all employees under one roof. While CMG sought a bigger facility, it also wanted to stay close to the University; so the development of a larger and redesigned office space proved to be a challenge given the constraints on commercial space and the number of stakeholders involved, including the University Research Park Land Committee, the Alberta Government and other developers.

Justin Mayerchak, Associate Vice President, elaborated on this project. “They [CMG] had very specific geographic parameters in terms of where they wanted to be located with almost no commercially developable land in that area."

The project has been a two-and-a-half-year process (and will likely extend to an estimated five years from RFP to completion). Peter Mayerchak, Executive Vice President and Partner's long-term relationship with CMG’s CEO, one that goes back almost 15 years, was a factor in the Colliers team originally securing the project. Throughout this relationship, Peter has been able to understand the group’s specific requirements and offer them the services they had come to expect from the Colliers organization and Peter’s team of professionals.

The Colliers team's commitment to this ongoing project has strengthened their relationship with CMG's CEO and a vast majority of stakeholders in the organization. This project has subsequently led to many increased opportunities for the Collier's organization, which will now represent CMG in multiple locations around the world.

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