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History of Colliers International


  • Colliers International opens an office in Niagara, Ontario.
  • Colliers acquires Groupe Immobilier (Montréal • Québec).
  • Canada's former Prime Minister Stephen Harper joins Colliers' Board of Directors.


Colliers International Group Inc.
  • Welcome to Colliers International Group Inc. | FirstService becomes Colliers International Group Inc. and spins off its residential property management and property services business. Colliers International Group Inc. begins trading on the NASDAQ (CIGI) and TSX (CIG) on June 2, 2015.


  • Colliers brings on entire NAI Commercial Team in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • FirstService acquires UK's leading retail property specialist, Briant Champion Long.
  • Colliers International becomes first International Real Estate Services firm to open in Georgia.
  • Colliers Real Estate Management Services opens new office in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


  • Colliers International teams up with Chelsea Manhattan, to establish business in South Africa.
  • Colliers Valuation and Advisory Services opens for business in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Colliers International becomes first International Real Estate Services company to open and office in Myanmar.


  • Colliers International opens an office in Québec City, Québec.


New Colliers Logo
  • First Service and Colliers MN gain control of the global Colliers platform.
  • The business has more than 15,000 employees in 61 countries with $2 billion in revenue.
  • Colliers refreshes its visual identity and logo and adopts the tagline "Accelerating success".


  • Colliers MN operates across 22 offices throughout Canada with more than 1,200 professionals and is the largest commercial real estate firm in Canada.
  • Colliers International operates in more than 290 offices in 61 countries with more than 11,000 employees.
  • Colliers enters the residential project marketing and sales business in Canada.


  • Colliers MN adds MHPM project leaders to the Canadian business.


David Bowden
  • David Bowden becomes president of Canadian operations.


  • Colliers MN launches the Global Strategic Plan and incorporates the tagline “Our Knowledge is your Property”.


First Service
  • First Service Real Estate becomes a majority shareholder of Colliers MN, providing equity to expand the business.


Doug Frye
  • Colliers MN acquires the remaining 50% share of Colliers Jardine and the combined group takes on the name Colliers International, although it retains the trading name CMN to distinguish itself from other independent members of the global Colliers network.
  • Doug Frye becomes CEO of Colliers MN. Frye becomes only the 6th CEO in more than 100 years of operation.
  • Colliers MN shifts the global head office to Seattle.


  • Colliers opens an office in London, Ontario.
  • Colliers opens an office in Kitchener, Ontario. At time of the office opening, there is one employee, John Arnoldi, and no office furniture.


  • Colliers MN adds new partners in Latin America and continues expansion into Eastern Europe.
  • Jamie Horne becomes chairman of Colliers MN Canada.
  • Colliers MN surpasses $100 million in revenue.


  • Colliers MN acquires Colliers Pierremont in Montreal and rebrands it Colliers International.


  • Colliers MN expands into Ottawa and acquires the remaining 50% of the Victoria business.


  • Colliers MN moves into Victoria, acquiring 50% of Realspan Properties (formed in 1975).
  • CMN now has 450 employees across Canada.
  • Colliers links offices electronically across the globe.
  • Colliers MN opens a third Toronto office in Toronto West with Richard Guerts as manager.


  • September 13 – Toronto firm Leaseco and MNM merge and adopt the name Colliers MN. John McLernon becomes chairman.


Old Colliers Logo
  • MNM and Colliers International form an alliance under the leadership of John McLernon.


  • Avtar Bains joins the firm and remains the company’s all-time number one broker by revenue.


  • The firm reports a revenue of $4.5 million.


  • MNM opens offices in Seattle. By the end of 1978, MNM has 11 offices and 360 employees in Canada and the U.S.


John McClernon
  • John McLernon becomes president and chief executive officer of MNM in Vancouver.


Brand Begins
  • Several successful property companies merge and take the name of their mentor, Ronald Collier, a Chartered Surveyor who was instrumental in the development of the profession in Australia.
  • Colliers Property Consultants rapidly grows throughout the Asia Pacific and Canada on an independently owned, referral network platform.
  • MNM opens an office in Edmonton, Alberta.


  • MNM opens an office in Calgary.
  • Leaseco Realty Inc. is founded in Toronto.


  • MNM relocates to 200 Granville Street.  Colliers Canada HQ remains there to this day.


  • MNM records an annual after-tax  profit of  $64,728.


  • J.P. Nicolls dies at age 87, completing 57 years of service to the firm. Dean Mansell becomes President of MNM. Dean also served on the Canadian Association of Real Estate Boards and as president of the Vancouver Real Estate Board.


  • J.P. Nicolls’ son, J.P.R. Nicholls, joins the firm at age 21.


  • Six employees leave Macaulay Nicolls Maitland to join the armed forces. The firm continues to pay 50% of their salary in their absence.


  • Macaulay dies and J.P. Nicolls becomes the firm’s second president.
  • Douglas Maitland, aged 16, becomes the first son to work at the firm, earning $35 a month.


  • MNM and Company post a profit of $57,000.


  • The firm incorporates and Charles Macaulay is named its first president.


  • Ronald Maitland, who joined the firm as a clerk in 1904, becomes a partner and the firm becomes Macaulay Nicolls Maitland (MNM).


  • Macaulay Nicolls registers in the province of British Columbia, Canada – currently the 13th oldest registered company.
  • J.P. Nicolls opens bank account #8 with Royal Bank of Canada for the firm.

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