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A successful real estate outcome starts with a sound strategy.

The pandemic and ensuing financial challenges are subjecting businesses to significant change and risk. COVID-19 and the post-pandemic future have modified the way people will work and magnified the issues that are important to employees. The pandemic has accelerated the functional obsolescence of a variety of buildings. There are now more variables to consider when creating an effective real estate strategy including highest and best use, conversion, feasibility, risk assessment, capital allocation and structure, timing, budgets, ROI analysis – and increasingly, the agility to adapt to unforeseen headwinds and disruptions.

What do you want to get out of your real estate?

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Planning We Manage 65M SF of property
Renovation Year Built We Construct $8B in capital projects
Office Building We Sell $8B in assets
Agreement Deal We Lease $7B of property

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Work with real experts in real property.

Our domain expertise is real property. We have the largest dedicated real property strategy and consulting practice in Canada, supported by the country’s largest real estate services company.

Assisting in the development of your portfolio or project strategy is our top priority and focus. We spend considerable time understanding your main objectives, risk tolerances and investment criteria to determine how the real estate strategy can positively impact your primary business strategy.

We help organizations maximize performance and productivity by creating a functional workplace design that supports their business and employee engagement objectives. We augment our strategy with location analyses and recommendations on the best working arrangements, be it the use of satellite offices or flexible workspaces, or the adoption of work-from-home solutions. We then apply the optimal capital structure to create the most cost-effective solution.

We also create value by reimagining the highest and best use of portfolio assets, validating our recommendations using our proprietary data analytics; working to secure the most favourable zoning entitlements; and determining the ideal capital structure. As well, we offer monetization strategies for clients with latent real estate assets.

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Need us to execute the strategy? We can do that, too.

Not only do we have the expertise and proprietary data to provide strategic advice, we also have the integrated capability to make the seamless transition from strategy to execution, ensuring the nuances of the plan are not lost in its realization.

Colliers Canada has the country’s largest third-party property management group with over $20 billion of assets under management; the largest real property project management team with over 600 project and program managers; a brokerage business that transacts more than 6,000 projects annually; as well as a number of other offerings including property appraisal and tax services.

Our integrated solution is available from coast to coast. We are active in 33 markets in Canada, with expertise in all asset classes including office, industrial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, technical facilities, multifamily residential and mixed-use. 

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Experience the power of the best data in the industry.

One of the challenges in developing effective real estate strategies is the lack of accurate and available supply/demand information. This issue is even more pronounced on the demand side. And understanding tenant and employee preferences for both corporations and investors is more critical than ever in the COVID-19 environment.

We use our proprietary databases and information sources to help validate a strategy and assess feasibility and risk. Colliers Canada manages over 65 million square feet of property with 8,700 tenants; has unparalleled visibility into material and labour costs as a result of completing $8 billion in capital projects annually; and sells 1,200 commercial properties with a value in excess of $8 billion and completes 5,000 leases with a value of over $7 billion every year – so we have unrivaled access to information, the back stories and depth of market demand. We engage experts across the country to obtain local information and insights.

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Benefit from our combined expertise.

To help drive your business forward with innovative solutions, we have assembled a world-class group of experts with wide-ranging business and executive leadership backgrounds, further supplemented with domain expertise in portfolio strategy, capital market solutions, risk management, property technology, asset allocation, workplace advisory and development management.
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We help you understand the impacts of strategies and decisions on financial returns. We enable you to make go-no-go decisions based on better risk-adjusted analysis.
We provide tailored and actionable real estate and workplace recommendations that stem from high-level observation, surveys, focus groups, interviews and research.
Commercial Development Sites
Our access to technologies set to disrupt real estate enables us to deliver innovative solutions that address the industry’s evolving landscape.
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