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Property Marketing

Award Winning Property Marketing Services

In today’s world, generic is not enough. Tenants and buyers have access to an unprecedented amount of information 
and options — most of which are available at the click of a button. From digital ad campaigns all the way to complete property positioning and identity design, our specialized marketing teams are experts in ensuring our clients stand apart from the competition.

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Smart Marketing Solutions in a Virtual Environment
Smart Marketing Solutions in a Virtual Environment

Take advantage of Colliers smart marketing tools and resources to achieve optimal business results. Our goal is to keep your business on track, to create innovative next-level marketing campaigns, that utilize cutting edge technologies and interactive platforms that set you apart from your competition. We know how to maximize the success of your property and create awareness by leveraging our outstanding digital platform to keep your audiences engaged and ready to transact.

Digital Solutions We Trust

Colliers has invested in a slew of digital tools designed to enable our professionals to engage with our clients and prospects online or in the social space, virtually or remotely – anytime. Using these resources, Colliers can walk potential purchasers and occupiers through a property using an immersive, online format; generate awareness for your listings on prominent social channels; present you with dynamic data to help you make wellinformed business decisions – and much more.

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The Evolution of Marketing
In this first instalment of Colliers’ Property Marketing Conversation Series, Tanya Nicholson sits down with Colliers’ VP Marketing, Lex Perry, to gain insight on how commercial real estate companies are evolving their approach to marketing, and his thoughts on about what’s out in the market today.
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