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Planning & Placemaking

Who We Are

The Planning & Placemaking group applies a holistic approach to creating innovative, data-driven project solutions to help landowners, asset managers, developers, municipalities, BIAs, and economic development associations create thriving mixed-use projects. We are passionate urban planners and land economists, striving towards the development of inclusive, equitable, and sustainable communities.


What We Do

We work on assignments ranging from planning complex mixed-use developments, to quantifying development capacity within municipalities, to master-planning exercises for some of North America’s largest developments. Although our projects vary, our approach is always the same. We combine meticulous research, data-driven analytics, and retail, placemaking, and urban planning best practices to create mixed-use destinations that are unique and well-positioned to changing market conditions and trends.


Where We Work

Our project team has experience working on large scale real estate planning and development initiatives spanning four continents and ten countries.

  • Experienced Team 80 years of collective experience
  • Project Delegated Management Over 200 projects completed throughout North America
  • Acres Over 18,000 acres and 36M SF advised on

Our Approach to Placemaking

We think about placemaking as both an art and a science.

Art is the physical product and how it interacts with itself and the surrounding community and science is the financial viability of the business model in both the short and long term. We combine a blend of both with an emphasis on the science. This is where we differentiate ourselves from most placemaking consultants that focus too much on the art without the science.

We are focused on the sequencing of place creation and consistent renewal.

This ensures the place remains vibrant and well suited to accomplish the stated goals for decades to come in light of evolving market and demographic conditions. Sequencing is important because the volume of capital that is required to be invested is huge and the wrong sequence can detail complex projects.

We act as the master planner of mixed-use places.

We ensure there is alignment with the market realities, demographic factors, and capital sources necessary to bring the proposed project to fruition, provided the science supports it.

Our Focus

While our service offerings vary by client and project, our team focuses on creating thriving mixed-use communities and destinations often driven by carefully curated development strategies. Generally, our work involves a variety of the service offerings outlined below leading towards the creation of a plan that ensures the long-term success of complex projects.

Demographic, Economic, and Municipal Advisory

  • Municipal Planning Context and Policy Review
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Population Projections
  • Demographic Forecasting
  • Income and Expenditure Modelling
  • Labour Analytics
  • GIS Analysis

Retail Advisory and Mixed-Use Advisory

  • Best Practices Research
  • Market Studies
  • Demand and Gap Analyses
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Inventory and Data Collection
  • Tenant Mix Strategies
  • Remerchandising Strategies
  • Site Selection
  • Spending Leakage Calculations
  • Gravity Modelling
  • Demand and Absorption Projections
  • Residential Mix, Sizing, Pricing, & Amenities

Employment Advisory

  • Vacancy, Lease Rate, Inventory, and Absorption
  • Employment Growth Projections & Labour Analytics
  • Forward Looking Demand Projections
  • Intensified/Multi-level Development Assessments
  • Lease vs. Strata Analysis
  • Local vs. Regional Tenant Dynamics
  • Unit Mix, Sizing, and Lease Rate Guidance

Development Advisory

  • Highest and Best Use Studies
  • Pro Forma Development
  • Financial Feasibility Assessments
  • Land Use Capacity Studies
  • Development Positioning
  • Redevelopment Strategies
  • Development Sequencing
  • District and Destination Creation
  • Master Planning
  • Economic Impact Analyses
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Rezoning Assistance

Client Success

Jul 20, 2022

Cypress Village Retail Strategy

Cypress Village is an upcoming mixed-use retail village located on a mountainside.
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Jul 21, 2022

Dockside Village Retail Positioning Strategy

Dockside Village is an upcoming mixed-use development located on the waterfront of Toronto, consisting of 1,200 multifamily residential uses and 50,000 square feet of retail floorspace.
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Jul 22, 2022

City of Vancouver Chinatown Plaza Remerchandising

Vancouver’s Chinatown is a neighbourhood in transition. Recent and upcoming mixed-use residential developments continue to signal a socio-economic shift towards a younger and more affluent demographic.
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Jul 21, 2022

Shipyards Commercial Development and Positioning Strategy

As part of a heritage revitalization agreement, the City of North Vancouver gained possession of two recently renovated heritage buildings on the formerly industrial waterfront.
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Jul 21, 2022

Metro Vancouver Industrial Intensification Analysis

Industrial lands play a critical role in Metro Vancouver’s economy, consisting of only 4% of the region’s land but 27% of total jobs.
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Jul 21, 2022

UBC Stadium Neighbourhood Rental Housing Market Demand Study

In expanding the University of British Columbia’s campus to better accommodate students in a highly constrained housing market, Colliers undertook a Rental Housing Market Study for the Stadium Road Neighbourhood.
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