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Pandemic Sensitivity Analysis for Landlords

Addressing Our Clients' Needs

Colliers is dedicated to helping our clients in all markets. In response to clients’ need for appraisal services specifically designed to help in today’s turbulent markets, we are pleased to offer our investor appraisal service.
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The rapid and unexpected impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian economy has created a volatile situation for real estate investors across all asset types. The significant volatility of the TSX real estate index shows just how quickly investor sentiment can change. The potential disconnect between the valuations of publicly traded real estate companies and the general real estate market reinforces that timely and consistent updates on property value are more important than ever. We understand the fine line that our clients have to walk, satisfying investor concerns while reporting accurate property values in a volatile market.

In a rapidly changing and volatile market, real-time trends are critical to establishing accurate valuations. Awareness of property sales that are firm but not closed or conditional is imperative, as are new leasing agreements including restructurings. Colliers Canada completes 5,400 leases and 1,200 property sales annually. We have the largest sales and leasing transaction volume of any commercial real estate firm in Canada, which means we have access to market-leading information before it is recorded on any official document. Our Discounted Cash Flow analysis can better anticipate the impact of lease restructuring in the future and our insight to deals yet to close gives a more accurate picture of the health of your real estate. With 65 million square feet in their management portfolio, our Property Management group is intimately familiar with the industries and companies most challenged in making rent payments as well as those seeking rent abatements, helping us to anticipate risks our clients may have in their own portfolios.
We have built an analytics system using Microsoft Power BI to enable us to comprehend and report to our clients all changes in valuation. Your staff will be able to analyze and assess changes in your portfolio by time, geography, asset, fund or manager. Real-time data analytics can not only show the trends that were, but it also allows you to create a sensitivity analysis to help with decisions that must be made.
Our appraisers are just as effective working from home as they are working from the office. Although COVID-19 has forced businesses to temporarily close offices, Colliers International has maintained 100% operational efficiency, having spent the last three years developing a workflow that is entirely cloud-based. As a result, we can offer the same quality, consistency and timing our clients have relied on for years. Our reputation for accurate and timely appraisals is well-earned, but we also know that interaction and communication are key to a great service experience. Through consultation and discussion, we deliver appraisals containing the information our clients need in a format that best suits them and their investors. Our reports and updates can be delivered monthly, bi-weekly or weekly without decreasing the quality of the information.

COVID-19 News and Insights From a Canadian CRE Perspective

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