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Pandemic Business
Resilience Program

The COVID-19 outbreak has stalled the economy and created significant uncertainty for companies across multiple sectors.

In the initial weeks, Colliers estimates that more than 25% of tenants have made immediate requests for some form of relief from their landlords and we expect that number to grow. This situation has placed an unprecedented amount of pressure on landlords, both financial and operational, as they scramble to process these requests and understand the impact these requests have on their building values, portfolios and obligations to lenders and shareholders.
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Improve Your Chances Of Relief

Colliers can provide a range of creative approaches to help ensure your needs are heard, present your case in a way that positions you as a desirable long term tenant and make it easy for your landlord to take action to help.

Colliers has relationships with all major Canadian landlords at the highest level, the expertise to help you build your case, and the credibility to help ensure your proposal is taken seriously.  And with boots on the ground in every city in Canada, we can deploy your solution rapidly.
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We deeply understand landlords’ long- and short-term business objectives and stress points. We can help you navigate this aspect and present your case in the best possible way to restructure your existing leases and improve your probability of a successful renegotiation including short-term relief.  

This approach might include extending your lease term, providing more relief up front to help you weather the COVID pandemic, or altering existing terms to help present a case that makes it easier for the landlord to bump your request to the top of the list.
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Building operating costs have shifted significantly throughout this crisis. Your current operating cost payment structure may not be a fair reflection of the actual expenses. For example, power bills are likely much lower as buildings sit dormant. Also, smart landlords are taking advantage of deferred payment options for some services. We can cross-reference this knowledge with your accounting records to identify opportunities for immediate savings to discuss with your landlord.

We will work with you to identify surplus holdings you may have and build a plan to recover costs through lease terminations or subleasing.  If you own real estate, we can help you structure a sale and leaseback or dispose of excess non-strategic assets to improve your balance sheet. 

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COVID-19 News and Insights From a Canadian CRE Perspective

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