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Machinery, Equipment, and Technical Specialty Appraisal

Fast, Reliable Appraisal Services

Our extensive expertise in property appraisals combined with personal property analysis, and industry-leading technology allows us to pull together specific market data. Our unrivaled expertise and streamlined approach to these practices allow us to focus on providing critical information in a comprehensive report that is universally trusted.

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Did you know?

Did you know that Colliers, in addition to consulting and evaluation services for complex, industrial, manufacturing and single-purpose buildings, also evaluates machinery and equipment?

Some business owners have no idea what the true value of their equipment is. Knowing what your used equipment and machinery are worth, however, is important for many reasons. You may require machinery and equipment valuation services if you need to sell, ensure you are properly insured, are looking to purchase additional equipment and so on.

So if you’re thinking about any of the following, you should call on a machinery and equipment appraiser

  • Corporate Finance
  • Bar Chart Decrease
    Depreciation Reports
  • Bugest Cost Amount
    Reconstruction Cost for Insurance Purpose
  • Revenue Growth
    Purchase or Sale Price Allocation
  • SoftStorey Retrofit
    Retrofit Decision or Planning
  • National Offices EMEA
    Corporate Planning
  • Law Firm Services
    Litigation Support
  • Portfolio Transaction Management
    Insurance Matters
  • Industrial REMS
    Expropriation (eminent domain)
  • Investments 1
    Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Divestitures

Let us know the type of assets and what you need, and we’ll show you how far we can go for you

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