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Machinery, Equipment, and Technical Specialty Appraisal

Fast, Reliable Appraisal Services

Our extensive expertise in property appraisals combined with personal property analysis, and industry-leading technology allows us to pull together specific market data. Our unrivaled expertise and streamlined approach to these practices allow us to focus on providing critical information in a comprehensive report that is universally trusted.

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Real Estate Work Products

Airports and Nautical Ports

In Canada these transitioned from Federal control to private control. We assist the operator with valuation of the facility, hangars, land rents, wharves, marinas, terminals, loading equipment and valuation of other unique assets.


Large-scale Manufacturing

Where a production facility has a unique location, like agri-business, and or a dimension that exceeds the local standard, in either size or equipment, there is a need for intensified valuation review. Some classes of use include agricultural processing (meats, dairy, seeds, grains, oils), unique manufacturing (agricultural equipment, aerospace, chemical), hazardous material storage, recycling.


Recreational Facilities

Canada has an abundance of natural assets that are conducive to private development, such as ski hills, golf course, spa resorts, and other recreational facilities.

golf course

Economic Zones

With Canada’s export driven economy, many local districts have established export or development zones. These tend to be manufacturing and transportation oriented. The facilities present unique valuation requirements.

economic zone


Canada is resource rich, and this part of our economy differs from most other industries in the approach to valuation. The perspective is as a global competitor rather than local viewpoint. Mines, production facilities, transportation infrastructure and ancillary operations are included.


Unique Property Rights

Most real estate in Canada is valued on the fee simple; but, special properties tend to be on crown leases, licenses, partial interests, possessory rights, easements, prescriptive easements, etc. These rights carry different approaches to value.


Did you know?

Did you know that Colliers, in addition to consulting and evaluation services for complex, industrial, manufacturing and single-purpose buildings, also evaluates machinery and equipment?

Some business owners have no idea what the true value of their equipment is. Knowing what your used equipment and machinery are worth, however, is important for many reasons. You may require machinery and equipment valuation services if you need to sell, ensure you are properly insured, are looking to purchase additional equipment and so on.

So if you’re thinking about any of the following, you should call on a machinery and equipment appraiser

  • Law Firm Services
  • Portfolio Transaction Management
  • Industrial REMS
  • Investments 1
    Mergers & Acquisitions

Let us know the type of assets and what you need, and we’ll show you how far we can go for you

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