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Life Sciences Practice Group

Maximize Talent Attraction & Retention, Productivity and Cost

Our life sciences experts will work with you to find the ideal environment to support your recruitment and retention strategy and drive productivity in a cost-efficient manner. Our team is specialized in sourcing all levels of lab and manufacturing facilities, and understands that each of our clients has unique and sophisticated needs.


Whether you are looking to lease, purchase, build or rationalize capacity, the team offers detailed local market knowledge, industry expertise and international connectivity to expedite even the most complex project.


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Our Services

Our clients that require new or expanded space benefit from our proven expertise in the following areas:

  • Optimal location solutions for talent attraction, accessibility, operational efficiency, specialized requirements, incentives and more
  • Negotiating occupancy cost savings
  • Flexibility for changing circumstances, including rapid growth, unforeseen setbacks in trial results, M&A and more
  • Securing favourable capital investment structure with landlords
  • Protection from unrecognized exposures over the life of a lease
Acquisition & Disposition Advisory

And our clients who own, develop or are converting buildings for life sciences use can accelerate the performance of their assets by taking advantage of our knowledge of:

  • Capitalization and credit of growing drug development companies
  • Infrastructure and capital requirements of research lab and manufacturing facilities
  • Life cycle factors shaping transaction structuring for life sciences users

Occupiers and landlords can leverage the strong relationships our members have cultivated with partners across the life sciences ecosystem, both nationally and in their local clusters including:

  • Venture and private equity
  • Design, engineering and construction
  • Talent and recruitment
  • Equipment and consumables
  • State, local and municipal government
  • Economic development

Thought Leadership

Jul 28, 2021

The time is now for the life sciences sector to thrive on Canadian soil

The sector has clearly played a critical role in the global response to the pandemic, earning significant attention as it made important advancements in human health and the fight against the disease.
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Sep 15, 2021

McMaster Innovation Park Podcast

Matthew Johnson, Senior Vice President with Colliers in Toronto and lead of Colliers Canada’s Life Sciences Practice Group, and Richard Shouldice, Senior Sales Representative with Colliers in Toronto, speak with Ty about the life sciences sector – its current state, growth trajectory and game-changing future.
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Jan 18, 2021

Colliers Global Investor Outlook Report Anticipates Up to 50% Surge in Global Investment in 2021

New report reveals 98% of investors plan to expand their portfolios.
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Life Sciences In Canada Report 2023

Canada's life sciences industry is booming and presents a promising investment opportunity in 2023. The industry is supported by a highly skilled talent pool, sophisticated real estate, and spending. The government's recent announcement of the Strategic Innovation Fund will further boost the innovation ecosystem and provide stability for firms taking on high-risk research initiatives.

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Life Sciences as the new disruptor in GTA real estate

Featured Story

Life Science companies require sophisticated properties and sophisticated owners who understand the complex needs of occupiers. Matthew Jonson shares insights on the Life Sciences sector for RENX. 

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Understanding Your Requirements

Whether it be pharmaceuticals, genomics, cellular and gene therapies or medical imaging, we have a deep understanding of your business and how that aligns with your real estate.

Continuum of Biotech Space


Typical Size
  • Up to 2,500 SF
Space Characteristics
  • Bench space within an incubator facility (example JLABS)
  • Shared laboratory facilities
Lease Terms
  • Month to month, to 1 year
  • Minimal capital investment needed as most equipment and furniture is provided by incubator facility


Source: Wexford Science & Technology

Step-Up (Graduation Space)

Typical Size
  • 2,500 – 5,000 sq ft.
Space Characteristics
  • Portion of a floor in either an incubator or separate building
  • Potential to have private lab facility but typically will target a shared lab environment
Lease Terms
  • 1-3 Years
  • Potential need for landlord capital investment if a private lab facility needs to be built by the organization


Source: Wexford Science & Technology

Scale-Up (Graduation Space)

Typical Size
  • 5,000 – 10,000 sq ft.
Space Characteristics
  • Moved on from incubator space, typically in a private facility 
  • Portion of a floor up to a full floor tenant in a lab ready or converted building
Lease Terms
  • 3+ years
  • A need for landlord capital investment likely required to assist with fit-out cost of the laboratory space


Source: Wexford Science & Technology


Typical Size
  • 10,000 sq ft.
Space Characteristics
  • Depending on the size of the building, typically a 2+ floor tenant
  • Potential own the property or lease an entire standalone building
Lease Terms
  • 7+ years
  • Large capital investment needed to fit-out the laboratory facility


Source: Wexford Science & Technology

  • Basic laboratory designed for the safe handling and storing of Risk Group 1 Biological Material.
  • RG1 Biological Materials are defined as a micro-organism, nucleic acid or protein that is not capable of causing human or animal disease.
  • Lab is ideal for microbiological laboratory practices, large scale production areas and animal work areas.
  • Authorized to handle or store human and animal pathogens or toxins.
  • Physical containment requirements in place to mitigate the risks associated with the pathogen and toxins handled within the facility.
  • Stringent facility design and engineering controls (i.e. inward directional airflow, high efficiency particulate air filtration).
  • Specialized biosafety equipment to minimize the release of infectious materials outside containment zones.
  • Highest level of containment available to work safely with the most serious and deadly human and animal diseases.

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Recent Successes

Synaptive Medical Inc

Nearly decade-long relationship with fast-growing and dynamic medical device firm. We have negotiated, expanded and extended multiple leases and terminations, including their lab, office and warehouse facilities.

Think Research Inc

Long-time medical technology client whom we have represented during their rapid growth, which saw them relocate from a space less than 10,000 square feet to their recent HQ negotiation of nearly 100,000 square feet.

Deep Genomics

Celebrated Toronto-based company utilizing artificial intelligence to build genetic therapies that we are advising with regards to their future lab and head office property project.

Centene Corporation

Fortune 25 health insurance company that we are supporting as they enter Canada and establish their International Headquarters.

Sample Clients

  • centene
  • hologic
  • deep-genomics
  • synaptive
  • conavi
  • tuv-sud
  • biolabs
  • think-research
  • avicanna
  • Neu-Era
  • inkblot
  • neurotheryx

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