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Development Management Services

Build on your investment

Optimizing your real estate involves many complex steps. Determining the highest and best use
means understanding the market conditions, what the costs and benefits would be, and hiring a
multitude of consultants to gather and analyze all the information for you to make the right decision.
The development process is complex and bureaucratic, involving negotiations with numerous
stakeholders, including municipalities, community groups, your own investors, and more. They all
have processes for you to follow, opinions for you to consider, and interests for you to accommodate.
They may not even want your development to break ground at all. Your project can stay in this cycle
for years, costing you time, money – and opportunity. Bringing on a developer often entails giving up
equity and full control of the project, as well as a portion of the profit.
It doesn’t have to be this way. Let us help.
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Areas of Expertise

Our team of planners, analysts, and development managers review zoning, lead design of preliminary concepts, procure current market cost estimates and revenue expectations. We produce Pro Forma financial analyses that allow you to make go-no-go decisions.
When projects promise returns that meet or exceed your requirements, our team can lead the way. From idea refinement to real asset performance, we procure and manage the design consultants needed to advance concepts. We work with cities and other approval agencies to navigate intricate political and entitlement processes. We advise on the best construction methodologies, assist with arranging financing, and provide oversight of tender, award, and construction, all the while keeping track of financial performance in real-time.

UDI Pro Forma Program

Complete course teaching the fundamentals of proformas their inputs and functions.
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