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Development Management Services

Enhancing Your Development Project from Start to Finish

Optimizing your real estate involves many complex steps. Determining the highest and best use means understanding the market conditions, what the costs and benefits would be, and hiring a multitude of consultants to gather and analyze  all the information for you to make the right decision.

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Areas of Expertise

Our team of planners, analysts, and development managers review zoning, lead design of preliminary concepts, procure current market cost estimates and revenue expectations. We produce Pro Forma financial analyses that allow you to make go-no-go decisions.
When projects promise returns that meet or exceed your requirements, our team can lead the way. From idea refinement to real asset performance, we procure and manage the design consultants needed to advance concepts. We work with cities and other approval agencies to navigate intricate political and entitlement processes. We advise on the best construction methodologies, assist with arranging financing, and provide oversight of tender, award, and construction, all the while keeping track of financial performance in real-time.

UDI Pro Forma Program

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Why Work with Us

Colliers’ Development Management team has access to proprietary databases and information sources, the back stories, and insights into market demand to advise you on the best use for your site.

We procure the right team of consultants in a competitive way and lead them through the entire process, determining the right direction for the project at every step, and steering the project and the team towards it, and ultimately, the end goal.

We specialize in navigating and negotiating through the complex development process to bring certainty to your project and get it shovel-ready as efficiently as possible.

We work with all stakeholders to achieve both engagement and alignment, and to resolve any issues that could cause your project to stall or cease, or your costs to increase – all while ensuring you extract and maximize value from your investment based on strategy and fact versus chance and hearsay. 

Once you proceed with development, we use our domain expertise – from multifamily projects, to retail builds, to office and industrial facilities – and our comprehensive data to help ensure your project performs optimally.

Count on our market insights, strategic advice and development expertise to help you build on your investment and maximize your returns. Let us help you turn your development idea into an income-producing property.

With development expertise in our DNA and countless development projects under our belt – not only in Canada but globally – you can count on us to effectively lead your project so you can focus on your primary business.

We provide an ownership mindset without taking an equity stake. Unlike partnering with a developer, when you work with us our Development Management team brings all the critical capabilities, capacity and experience to bear on your project – but you retain control. And when we’re finished, you get to keep all of the increased value that our team has created for your site. We work for a fee; you keep the profit. 

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