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Cost Management for Office and Industrial Occupiers

Avoid overpaying. Take a proactive approach to protect your assets.

Costs associated with real estate decisions are the second largest expense for most organizations.  We help you investigate your lease details, consider your options and make better use of your space and finances.  There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. We leverage our Brokerage, Workplace Advisory and Tax Advisory expertise to identify your opportunities for cost recovery, short-term returns, and long-term cost savings. Where audits are permitted, cost recovery is achieved in more than 75% of cases.

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What sets us apart

An integrated 5-service approach.
Colliers offers a robust, integrated 5-service approach to reduce costs and get the highest value from your real estate investments, while supporting your business and workplace needs.

You don’t have to spend money to save money.


Our Services

Do you have the right amount of space and is it working for you?

We can help you:

  • Align leaders to establish the direction and purpose of your workplace
  • Engage leaders and employees to determine the best approach to support new ways of working, employee priorities and your organization’s culture
  • Analyze available information and data 
  • Determine how your space needs to function to enable work processes and work activities
  • Identify opportunities to optimize your footprint and determine how much space you require

Can you reduce operating expenses?

We perform a detailed critical review of the financial terms of your lease documentation in relation to the landlord billings to ensure you pay no more than is set out in the lease and by industry standards.

You will be able to:

  • Recover past overpayments and reduce future costs where applicable
  • Identify unfavourable lease clauses for future lease renewal
  • Receive an audit on a no-risk contingency fee basis; if we find no savings you do not pay
  • Colliers works in a professional courteous manner with landlords

Could you pay less for your space?

Partner with a Colliers expert specializing in your industry and market sector who understands your business and can tailor your lease to better fit your needs.

  • Identify opportunities for leverage
  • Determine landlord’s mortgage situation specific to your premises
  • Assess landlord’s portfolio mix as it pertains to lease expiries
  • Review landlord’s focus on length of term versus maximized rental income
  • Renegotiate your lease to better fit your needs

Are you overpaying on your taxes?

Property taxes account for significant tenancy costs over the term of any lease. How much and where can you save? Lower your property tax burden by ensuring you have an equitable (fair) and correct (market value) assessment.

The Assessment Cycle 

  • An appeal is filed
  • Evidence is prepared for a hearing, with rationale supporting a decrease in taxes
  • Colliers attends the hearing on your behalf
  • A board decision determines whether the assessment is reduced or confirmed

Colliers remains in constant contact with the assessor to reach a resolution.

Where can you leverage other opportunities for cost savings?

The Lease Abstract is a detailed summary of critical lease details that indicate where there might be opportunities to reduce costs. We outline:

  • Rent, escalations, rent free periods, deposits
  • Commencement and termination dates
  • Landlord and Tenant maintenance and repair obligations
  • Renewal terms, first rights of offer/refusal
  • Miscellaneous terms and conditions that affect costs
  • Areas where you could have flexibility and leverage with your landlord

Client Success

Core Office Building | Tax Appeal

Negotiations resulted in changes to the assessment, including reductions in office and parking rental rates, and increases in the vacancy and capitalization rates. The assessment reduction was $16.44M, resulting in $345,000 in tax savings.

Large Rural Facility | Tax Appeal

Sales and equity comparables were reviewed to achieve a reduction. Cost approach parameters were corrected for the improvement (building) value. The assessment reduction was $61.2M, resulting in $630,000 in tax savings.

Financial Services Organization | Workplace Analysis


Desired to enhance the employee experience and reduce real estate costs


30% reduction in real estate footprint

30% increase in employee satisfaction

Public Transportation | Lease Audit

Amortization expense was inadvertently included in landlord statements. Management fee was calculated incorrectly. When the errors were corrected, the client recovered $190,000, with $80,000 annual go forward savings.

Window Frame Manufacturer | Lease Audit

Municipal tax refund was allocated incorrectly among tenants in the business park. Once corrected, the client received a refund of $250,000.

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