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Strata Wind-Up

Guide your strata corporation through the wind-up and sale process

Ensure a Seamless and Profitable Strata Wind-up and Sale Process

With our unparalleled strata experience and extensive market connections, we guide your strata through the marketing and wind-up process. A wind-up can provide an incredible opportunity for your owners to capitalize on significant profit opportunities or avoid expensive special levies. Our proven method will ensure your owners are well-informed and can transition smoothly into new ownership.

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  • Assets Transaction Volume* $650M+
  • Business People # of Owners Represented 950+

*as of April 2021

Does your Strata Corporation have the potential to realize greater value by selling as a group? Can you avoid large repair costs by considering a wind-up opportunity? Our team will provide a preliminary assessment of your property to get our conversation started.

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With a greater understanding of the opportunity gained through the preliminary assessment, our team will meet with your strata council or a group of invested owners to provide an overview of the process and key considerations we have learned from our experience with other strata corporations.

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It is critical to ensure your ownership is informed throughout the process. Information meetings, with plenty of time for questions, will help your council and our team gauge your ownership’s interest in pursuing a wind-up strategy. Our presentation will ensure your ownership understands the process, timeline and expected range of value for the property.

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You and your ownership are now informed and ready to engage our team. You are positioned to market the property and discover what value can be unlocked. A Special General Meeting will provide the strata council with the authority to sign a listing agreement and our team will get to work on your behalf.

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A strata wind-up is a process wherein owners within a strata corporation work together to market and sell their property to a developer or investor. The Strata Property Act was amended in 2016 to lower the approval threshold from 100% to 80% to allow owners to consider this opportunity.

As owners plan for the future of their buildings, we believe there are three pieces of information they need to make an informed decision: the value of their home on the residential market, the cost of any repairs required for the building over the next two, five and ten years, and the value of their strata lot based on a wind-up. Some owners choose to wind-up to capitalize on large financial gains, others to avoid large special levies, but all owners should be informed prior to making any big decisions.

Yes, the strata will need to engage a realtor to market the property. A comprehensive marketing strategy is required to ensure the maximum value is achieved for the ownership and to satisfy the court to then approve the sale.

The Strata Property Act now requires a minimum of 80% of the voting rights in the Strata Corporation to approve the sale and wind-up of a property. Unlike other votes, the support for the wind-up resolution is calculated based on all voting rights, not just the actual votes.

Please contact our team for a detailed overview of the wind-up process.

The wind-up process is designed to create the best outcome for strata corporations that are willing to work together. Please invite us to provide information to your council and ownership early in the process and let us assist your strata in paving the road to a successful outcome.

See Why 950+ Owners Choose Colliers

“Our trust in Colliers has been well-rewarded, not just financially, but in their attention to detail and analysis, their breadth of contacts in the Vancouver and international real estate market… and their focused, client-centric approach to personal and business relationships.” – Rob Thompson, VR120

“The key qualities that Colliers displayed throughout the process were reliability, consistency in communication and transparency. These attributes ensured that all owners felt included in the process and served to build a foundation of trust that was instrumental in achieving 100% approval of the sale from our strata owners.” – Paul Lambert, NW47

“The Colliers professional team is diverse and recognizes that strata owners are selling their home, while the role of the commercial broker is in marketing the land.” – Linda Delparte, NWS608

“Colliers was able to create a competitive listing process and in doing so, achieved an overall price that was 20% higher than the most recent offer received prior to the formal listing process.” – Kristalina Kutev, NWS968

"Our project was not an easy one... Colliers scheduled multiple "townhall" style meetings and numerous one on one phone calls with those owners that required the extra care and attention. Colliers' transparency and their ability to communicate were key to the success of the project” – Marco Castrucci, NWS683

“Important attributes that Colliers displayed during the process were its local and global marketing platform and comprehension of the Bill 40 Wind-Up Legislation. The sale proceeds received by owners have been a positive life-changing event.” – Gary Harris, NWS2620

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