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Property Tax Services | Atlantic Canada

Colliers International Realty Advisors, Inc. (Colliers) provides advisory and advocacy services to owners and users of all forms of real estate in Atlantic Canada. Our mandate is to ensure our clients pay no more than their fair share of property taxes.

Leveraging the industry leading valuation and advisory services of Colliers, we provide comprehensive property tax services. Our professionals have years of experience successfully navigating the various property assessment and property tax systems throughout Atlantic Canada.

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Who Can Benefit from Colliers Property Tax Service?

  • Office Building
    with investment assets seeking to minimize fixed costs such as property taxes to maximize net revenue and to offer the most competitive rents possible.
  • Occupiers
    not prepared to accept their property tax situation and treat it as a fixed cost. Generally over assessment translates to over taxation. Reduced property taxes help occupiers remain competitive in their marketplace and can improve the profitability of their business.
  • Assets
    focused on client services and risk.
  • Building Floor
    looking to maximize utility of leased premises. Reducing taxes improves bottom line performance

The Colliers Advantage

Colliers Property Tax combines deep market knowledge, advanced technology and experienced professionals to provide efficient service and creative solutions.

Colliers Property Tax has local experts across Canada, who extract information from the most comprehensive resource of brokers, property managers, operational maintenance, and appraisers. The result is a team familiar with all property types accessing resources unique to Colliers to assist you in maximizing your property tax savings and effectively managing your taxes.


From a single commercial asset to a portfolio of properties, we provide you with accurate and timely information that will help you better understand the status of your current and potential future property tax liabilities and the assessed value of your assets.

Colliers prides itself on comprehensive knowledge of your property and all influences on its value.
The Colliers Advantage Innovation

Commitment to Quality

Our team of valuation and advocacy professionals provides advice and representation in all aspects of property tax assessment review and appeal services and property tax management. We leverage the diverse background of our experienced practitioners to assist you to identify and resolve errors, manage your property assessment and property tax and to appeal your property tax assessments where reviews indicate opportunities for tax savings. Each member of our team provides unique expertise and knowledge to our collaborative delivery of services. With our diverse backgrounds we consider each property from all angles to ensure no issue goes unaddressed.
The Colliers Advantage Commitment to Quality


We update our clients through every stage of our engagement. Our commitment is to ensure that throughout our engagement (including every step of the appeal process) our clients have abundant opportunity to make informed decisions of how they wish to proceed.
The Colliers Advantage Communication

Fee Schedule

Our fees are structured to meet the unique needs of each client. We provide our property tax services on a fixed budget, hourly or contingency fee basis. Whatever the nature or scope of our services, our intent is to earn your future business by delivering results which exceed your expectations
The Colliers Advantage Fee Schedule

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