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Commercial Property Appraisal Services

Fast, Reliable, Commercial Property Appraisal Services

Colliers Property Appraisal Services provides investors with bank recognized, accurate appraisals for commercial properties. Our specialized experts, technology, data platform and commitment to service enables us to deliver your appraisal on time. Unlock the equity you need to help accelerate your success.

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  • National Offices EMEA 5,000+ appraisals completed per year
  • Business People 90+ experts across Canada
  • Pen 2,000+ tax appeals completed per year

Bank Recognized Appraisals

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From a single commercial building to a portfolio of properties, Colliers appraisal experts deliver consistent, reliable, affordable and knowledgeable service throughout Canada. Colliers Valuation has cultivated a national team of Accredited AACI professionals who strive to understand their client’s goals and requirements.

Our reports are accepted by all major financial institutions allowing you to focus on the aspects of your business that matter most.

Our Webinars

These webinars provide valuable insights on how COVID-19 is impacting commercial real estate,
as well as useful information on managing your property or business and supporting your tenants or employees.

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What sets Colliers apart is not what we do, but how we do it. Our experts provide forward-looking expertise that elevates value every step of the way. We simply think differently and that produces innovative outcomes.


In our latest limited series of Experts Choose Experts, we invite you to get to know our people and see how they cultivate Colliers' values within – and beyond – the workplace.


The individuals who choose to work and grow their careers with Colliers are multi-faceted and passionate and thrive in our culture, which cultivates expertise and inspires people to be their best. At Colliers, we proudly "Own the Blue" and invite you to get to know a few of the experts across Colliers Canada, sharing stories from their personal and professional journeys.

Market Reports

Jul 13, 2023

2022 Canada Impact Report: These are times of necessary, urgent change

Buildings generate 17% of Canada’s total greenhouse gas carbon emissions, and it is here where Colliers in Canada is leading change.
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Jan 19, 2021

British Columbia 2021 Property Tax Trends

With a dynamic 12 months behind us, and anticipation of more to come, one thing remains certain in our lives, paying taxes.
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Oct 19, 2023

Bringing uniformity to New Brunswick tax assessments would ease many headaches

As a taxpayer, nothing’s more unsettling than the knowing feeling you’re being treated unfairly.
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Sep 14, 2023

It’s time for Canadian appraisal experts to develop the ESG valuation playbook

When I think back three or four years, many people in Canada’s commercial property industry hadn’t even heard the acronym ESG.
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May 16, 2023

Valuation done right in low-deal environment is part art, part science

Cap rates are only telling part of the appraisal story
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Apr 19, 2023

Valuing Commercial Assets Requires Looking Beyond Cap Rates

When it comes to figuring out a commercial property’s value, there’s a common habit among owners, stakeholders and clients to get overly focused or hung up on an asset’s cap rate.
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