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Return To The Office Program

Getting Back To The Office: Taking The First Step

Businesses across the globe have had their regular operations interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Canadians start to envision a time in the near future when employees can go back to their offices, it’s important to prepare for and take this significant step equipped with all the necessary information, and with the best possible plan in place. Let us help you get started.

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  • Business People
    Communication and Wayfinding
  • Multiple Titles
    Guidelines and Policy Decisions
  • Workstation
    Guidance on Remote Work
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Work Forward Together

The back-to-business primer serves as a practical, succinct checklist of activities and considerations for landlords and tenants as they prepare to reopen their physical workspaces and buildings. In addition to reparatory, pre-opening activity, the guide offers mission-critical activities to implement on day one, and in subsequent critical periods. The primer considers short-term action steps as well as long-term initiatives for portfolio and workforce strategy, both of which are important to consider as business priorities evolve.

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A comprehensive list of actions that should be considered and implemented prior to welcoming employees back into the office.

  • Signage
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Cleaning procedures
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Advice on the conversations you will need to have with your landlord and building management to ensure all your concerns are addressed and eliminate duplicated efforts.

  • HVAC inquiries
  • Touchless technology
  • Tenant notifications
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Information on new responsibilities that will need to be addressed, and which existing roles are best suited to cover them.

  • First response personnel
  • Hygiene monitors
  • Floor wardens
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Tailored recommendations for each area of your office follows an examination of your space via video walk-through.

  • Offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Kitchens

We are all about to enter the next phase of this new working environment. Let us help set you up for success.

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Colliers’ Return to the Office Guide will help ensure every eventuality is considered, addressed and planned for as you welcome your employees back to the workplace. With a proven track record that spans across Canada, Colliers’ Workplace Strategy professionals are well-versed in federal guidelines, as well as provincial and local schedules and recommendations.

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We will perform a personal virtual review of your office and deliver a use recommendation tailored to your space and business operation.

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