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Asset Advisory Services

Asset Advisory Services delivers higher returns to real estate investors and owners in less time.

Owners and asset managers are under constant pressure to deliver greater results in less time and in challenging market conditions. Colliers' Asset Advisory Services can simplify your work and help you create value, whether it be for a single asset or a portfolio of assets. Read on to see how we've done this for our clients.

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Watch how our Asset Advisory Services come together

A different service solution for owners of real estate who are looking for more.

Your account lead is responsible for three things:

  1. Assembling the team of experts you want to work with.
  2. Creating a shared asset vision.
  3. Managing the performance of the team to meet all your targets.

A strong, performance-based team that understands the asset strategy always delivers better results.

We believe that time spent upfront on strategy allows us to move quickly every day afterwards. Once you have decided on a direction, we put in place collective team incentives that guarantee team accountability for the delivery of the solution. Bringing you results is where we excel.


A tech-savvy, national platform that drives overall performance.

Our owner and asset manager clients gain access to a sophisticated platform that includes:

  • National portfolio leasing
  • Leading local leasing teams
  • Internal lease deal flow management
  • Portfolio-level financial reporting
  • Risk management
  • Leading market intelligence
  • Sustainability and wellness
  • And more

By removing points of friction and frustration, we help you achieve your goals faster.

We are focused on bringing you speed, consistency, and the very best insights to inform your decision making. Our value-added approach will improve your cash flow, grow asset valuation, and advance your reputation. 


KPIs and pricing model to motivate success.

There are no additional fees for Asset Advisory Services. No fine print.

Your dedicated account lead is included as a part of our service offering. Our fees are structured to drive performance of the team as a whole, bringing you exceptional asset performance.

  • AAS icon stat1 16M SF Asset Advisory Services clients
  • AAS icon stat2 170+ Assets across Canada
  • AAS icon stat3 $17B Clients using
    Asset Advisory Services
  • icon_stat_chart 8+ Average years of
    client relationships

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