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REMS Sustainability Summary Report 2022

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Colliers Real Estate Management Services is pleased to release its 2022 sustainability summary report.

Over the past year, our team has worked collaboratively with our clients, tenants, and industry partners to take meaningful action to drive greater sustainability across our managed properties. 

This year’s summary report highlights how we are helping our clients:

  • Reduce and recover costs by securing incentive and rebate programs resulting in 8,400 MWh of avoided electricity (up 65% from 2020) and $995,000 in avoided energy costs (up 27% from 2020)
  • Exceed portfolio energy reduction goals ahead of schedule
  • Develop net zero transition plans at our managed properties
  • Attain 150 building certifications, including Fitwel Viral Response certification for 36 of our managed properties, responding to the rising standards for indoor air quality and occupant wellbeing

“Building a sustainable future and maximizing property performance go hand in hand,” says John Duda, President of Real Estate Management Services Canada. “When we advise on ways to reduce and eliminate emissions, we do so with a parallel commitment to reduce utility related costs, improve resiliency, and increase asset value.”

The report also outlines our progress in reaching the sustainability goals we set in 2020, including increasing green building certification by 55% (original goal: 50%) and tracking waste at 62% of our managed properties (original goal: 60%).

“With more of our clients making bolder environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments and growing disclosure expectations, we are focused on identifying and testing innovative technology that will deliver results for our clients,” says Tonya Lagrasta, Head of ESG. “We look forward to working with more of our clients to develop strategies and deliver solutions tailored to their unique needs.”

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REMS Sustainability Summary Report 2022

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Tonya Lagrasta

Head of ESG

Toronto Downtown

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