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REMS Sustainability Report 2021

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Colliers Real Estate Management Services is pleased to release its 2021 sustainability report. 

The report reflects the visionary nature of our team and the foresight and adaptability shown by our clients, tenants, and partners across the country. Even with the myriad of uncertainties over the past 16 months, together we remained vigilant in our commitment to creating long-term value for our managed assets.

Beginning with an overview of the progressive health and safety initiatives launched at the property level, this year’s sustainability report outlines:

  • New energy management technology that resulted in 4,000 MWh saved and $680,000 in avoided utility costs 
  • Incentive programs secured on behalf of our clients that resulted in 5,100 MWh of avoided electricity and $783,000 in avoided energy costs 
  • A growing number of edible and pollinator gardens that reduced the urban heat island effect and produced hundreds of lbs of crops for those in need

“For too long there has been a misconception that environmental sustainability and business sustainability cannot be achieved in harmony,” explained John Duda, President of Real Estate Management Services Canada. “This report offers solutions where that harmony is not only possible, but necessary for long-term growth.”

The sustainability report also shares an update on five goals set in 2020, including increasing green building certification to 50% and tracking waste in 60% of managed properties.

With what we have all learned over the past year and half, we’re confident there will be a renewed enthusiasm to find new ways to build a promising future for all,” said Mer Ebrahimzadeh, Manager, National Sustainability and Energy. “We look forward to working with our stakeholders to make this happen.”

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REMS Sustainability Report 2021

Download Report
For More Information, Please Contact:

Mer Ebrahimzadeh

National Energy and Sustainability Manager

Toronto Downtown

Mer provides energy management and sustainability services to Colliers’ Real Estate Management Services across Canada. She has extensive experience in the field of Energy Engineering and green building certification.

Before joining Colliers, Mer worked as Sustainability Project Manager and Energy Efficiency Specialist , managed energy efficiency projects involving energy analysis, measurement and verification, and refrigeration/cooling system optimization.

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