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The Office Evolution: Early Signs of Stabilizing Trends

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Over the past two years, Colliers Real Estate Management Services has published a series of reports based on national tenant surveys that feature insights into office trends. The Office Evolution: Early Signs of Stabilizing Trends is the fifth installment in this series. 

To analyze our portfolio, we surveyed a diverse array of tenants across our 34 million square foot national office portfolio. Our most recent national office tenant survey indicates: 

  1. The way organizations are approaching the return to the office is stabilizing, whether it is a full return to office, hybrid work, or fully remote model.
  2. On average, the demand for flexible workspaces as an amenity has nearly doubled, from 7% to 13%.
  3. Hybrid work remains the dominant form of work. Employees at 61% of the companies we surveyed are working under a hybrid model, which is down 5% from our previous report, whereas 37% of companies have employees working in the office full time, up 4% from our previous report.
  4. There is an ongoing positive shift in sentiment and growth of physical space needs over time. Only 24% of companies surveyed indicate they will look to reduce their physical office space, while 7% of companies surveyed said they need additional office space. 


The Office Evolution: Early Signs of Stabilizing Trends

Download Infographic
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John Duda

President, Real Estate Management Services Canada

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John Duda is the President of Real Estate Management Services, Canada. John began his career as Director of National Property Services at CIBC, joining Colliers in 2010. Appointed as head of Real Estate Management Services in 2017, John has driven significant growth both organically and strategically through the development of new service lines and markets. In his role as president, John a oversees 14 offices across Canada, working closely with local teams to create value-driven strategies in support of clients’ goals. 

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