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National Retail Report - Fall 2017

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Fall 2017 Key Highlights

Retail sales growth across the country continues to build on the positive performance of 2016, with national retail sales predicted to grow by 7% to reach approximately $590 billion by the end of 2017.

The demise of Sears is unlikely to have a notable impact on the national retail market as it has long been a minor player among numerous strong competitors. Statistics indicative of overall retail performance display just how significantly it has already been surpassed by the likes of Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Costco.

Colliers expects positive overall retail sales growth in each province, with particularly strong years in BC and Ontario which account for just over 50% of Canada’s total sales volume.

A strong holiday season.

Some of the factors that are positively affecting national retail sales include: 
     - The weak Canadian dollar resulting in less spending outflow to the US; 
     - The Liberal government’s proposed increase to the Child Benefit Grant; 
     - Continued strong residential real estate values and rising equities markets leading to feelings of job security and consumer confidence.



National Retail Report - Fall 2017

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