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Life Sciences in Canada 2023

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Canada's life sciences industry is booming and presents a promising investment opportunity in 2023. The industry is supported by a highly skilled talent pool, sophisticated real estate, and spending. The government's recent announcement of the Strategic Innovation Fund will further boost the innovation ecosystem and provide stability for firms taking on high-risk research initiatives. Life sciences is a preferred alternative asset for investors due to its potential for greater returns and stability. Canada's top 50 scientific programs globally provide a highly skilled talent pool for the industry. With a growing senior population and increasing health spending worldwide, the life sciences industry is an increasingly attractive investment opportunity.

Key Report Highlights:

  • Canadian markets have low levels of lab space compared to other leading markets, creating an opportunity for custom-built lab space or repurposing of existing assets.
  • Life sciences was the top preferred “alternative asset” in Colliers’ Global Investor Survey.
  • Life sciences industries benefit from long-term demographics trends such as an aging population, increasing lifespan and growing spending on health care.
  • Recent federal initiatives such as the Strategic Innovation Fund have catalyzed the sector, providing opportunities for large and small occupiers. Life sciences is tied to strong government support, similar to industries like arts and film production.
  • Canada has strong scientific education and talent, crucial for an industry that relies on a highly educated and technical workforce.

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Life Sciences in Canada 2023

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Matthew Johnson

Senior Vice President I Sales Representative

Toronto Downtown

​Throughout my career, I have been passionate about the development of real estate strategies and helping significant organizations optimize their facilities.  Each entity that we advise is unique, and our strategies are tailored to meet the business and operational requirements of each individual client.  We understand our clients have unique facility and property needs, and we have developed extensive technical knowledge as a result. 

Working with many organizations in the med-tech and life sciences field, as well as prominent charitable and insitutional organizations with sensitive populations  - we prioritize understanding the busines and operational needs of our clients and the needs of their clients.  We understand that the people whom drive the success and productivity of our client organizations are their most important assets.  Our strategies are built to ensure that our clients' people thrive and enjoy their work environments.

I have had the privilege to work with talented people at leading organizations in various sectors including:  Think Research ,Synaptive Medical, eSight, Perimeter Medical Imaging, Ronald McDonald House, Plan International Canada, Unifor, Toronto Lands Corporation, Toronto Catholic District School Board, Durham Catholic District School Board, Durham District School Board, Toronto United Church Council, and many others.  My team's diverse experience with occupiers in both the private and public sector provides me with a broad perspective built upon an extensive foundation of real estate knowledge, allowing me to deliver the highest level of service to my clients. 

To learn more about our team's specialized service offering, and technical knowledge, please contact me at (416) 643.3754, or feel free to email me any time at [email protected].


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Adam Jacobs

Head of Research | Canada

Toronto Downtown

Colliers Canada's head of research, leading a cross-country team of 20 mapping, analytics and research professionals. Formerly head of Canada research at Cushman Wakefield and Director of Analytics at Oxford Properties. Featured in mainstream publications such as the Toronto Star, industry publications and podcasts. Specializing in the big picture and the fundamentals driving real estate - demographics, the macro environment and the global economy. 

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