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Global Capital Markets Insights Report - June 2022

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Global Capital Markets Insights Report – March 2022

Explore our latest global real estate insights where we look at how inflation and rising interest rates are affecting the global markets as well as asset trends, and upcoming opportunities.

Some key highlights from the report include:

  • The war in Ukraine has created more geopolitical risk and continues to impact commodities and energy prices. Some areas in APAC are only now coming out of lockdown, while parts of China look set to remain in lockdown due to the country’s strict adherence to the zero-COVID policy. This is adding to inflationary pressures, impacting both the economic outlook for 2022 and 2023, and the evolution of interest rates back to longer-term norms.
  • Market yields / cap rates are re-pricing in light of the shift in interest rates, but at different rates by both location and sector.
  • Volatile foreign exchange rates could cause cross-border buying activity to take a backseat until rates stabilise over the next 6-12 months.
  • Furthermore, new regulations in Europe and a shift to standardising how companies declare and report on ESG, are accelerating the push towards the decarbonisation of assets. This is creating extra flux and opportunities in what is a complex trading environment.

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Global Capital Markets Insights Report - June 2022

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For More Information, Please Contact:

Damian Harrington

Head of Research | Global Capital Markets & EMEA

I currently have a joint role as a Director Colliers, as both Head of EMEA Research, and Head of Global Capital Markets Research.  I am also part of  our EMEA Location Strategy team.

I have worked within the real estate profession  for over 20 years, living and working from various locations across EMEA including London, Dubai, Prague, Helsinki and Amsterdam. My work and student experiences expanded my horizon to include India and the US. 

I use my experience and analytical skills to take a forward looking view of market opportunities & challenges impacting the industry on behalf of internal and external clients.  During my career I have written research /generated analysis of markets across all asset class types - from residential to offices, retail to logistics and hotels to niche sectors such as life sciences, air cargo and data centres.   I have analysed a variety of subjects and subject matter relevanmt to our industry, examining the impact on real estate such as the changing nature of global capital and the impact on global capital flows, the impact of e-commerce and near/off-shoring on global industrial and logistics markets and the changing nature of the energy and hydrocarbon industry. In addition to developing a view of markets at a very high-level,  I have conducted multiple studies examing the  micro-meso location factors critical in supporting the creation of planning policy at city/regional level, and in supporting investment and occupier decisions on key projects across EMEA, in addition to providing a strategic overview of multiple- markets and locations  as part of the decision making process. 

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