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Ustation Franchise Opportunity - #1
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Ustation Franchise Opportunity - #4

Seeking franchisees and office space locations

Calling all franchisees, entrepreneurs, landlords and property managers! This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to secure yourself a prominent brand in the continuously evolving co-working space market.

Ustation is seeking franchisees within the New Brunswick market looking to operate a professional co-working space under 5,000 SF. The franchisee can either own or lease the space. The ideal space will be easily accessible via both vehicle and foot traffic.

UStation is also actively seeking our professional office space areas ranging from 2,000-5,000 SF which a landlord would be willing to lease to a potential Franchisee (should they not wish to run the Ustation themselves).

The ideal space will be well located and easily accessible by both vehicle and foot traffic. Wheelchair accessibility and on-site parking a plus.

- The franchisee is responsible for:
- Investing in furniture, renovations, etc.;
- Replenishing consumables (coffee, toilet paper, water, paper, toner, etc);
- Paying Operational expenses (utilities, cleaning, shredding);
- Operating location; and
- Utilizing their network, local sales and marketing to sign up members.

The Franchiser will in-turn:

- Install and supports technology (door access, printer, network);
- Process Member signup, bookings, usage and billing;
- Provide reporting (Franchisee Dashboard);
- Provide brand marketing;
- Oversee evolution of the platform, processes and services; and
- Signs off on space design.

Ustation is known for its amazing member benefits which include, access to space via a mobile device, fast and secure wifi, bookable lockers, bookable rooms, booths and desks, remote and on-site printing, filtered water and most importantly Nespresso coffee.

The Ustation leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience leading and participating in geo-diverse virtual teams. They are eager and excited to expand the Ustation brand across the Maritimes with the right Franchisee(s).
Area Size
Ideal Location 2,500 - 5,000 SF