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  • For Sale
Up to 27.06 Acres of Prime Retail Commercial Land For Sale |  Embrun - #1

For Sale

$4,357,500 - $7,236,000 CAD

Up to 27.06 acres of prime retail commercial land for sale in the town of Embrun, ON. Embrun is part of the larger Russell Township in Prescott and Russell United Counties and is a growing community with an average household income that is higher than Ottawa.

Zoned CP - Commercial Park Zone which accommodates a range of commercial uses to serve the needs of residents and provide employment opportunities.

The community is located approximately a twenty-five minute drive from Ottawa, an hour and a half from Montreal, and a five-hour drive from Toronto. Embrun is located near Trans-Canada Highway 417, between Russell, ON and Limoges, ON.
Area Size
Parcel 1 5.81 Acres
Parcel 2 9.19 Acres
Parcel 6 12.06 Acres