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Offered for Sale via court order, the subject property features a two-storey commercial building currently occupied by Abbotsford Volkswagen.

The subject property occupies a key location near the corner of Gladwin Road and South Fraser Way - one of the busiest intersections in Abbotsford. Located directly across from the Seven Oaks Shopping Centre and adjacent to West Oaks Mall, this Triple 'A' location benefits from the wide array of retailers in the area as well as the large influx of traffic they generate. The surrounding area is also well occupied by office and multi-family residential uses which bodes well for future development as does the 'City Centre' OCP designation which covers core commercial and residential areas in Abbotsford. The intention of this designation is for the lands to evolve as the most urban part of the city which will allow for the highest density of residential and commercial uses.
  • 02-23-2015
  • SOLD