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  • Sold
SOLD | 1 Acre Redevelopment Site - #1
SOLD | 1 Acre Redevelopment Site - #2

For Sale

$1,100,000 CAD


To acquire a 1 acre redevelopment parcel situated in immediate proximity to the new Cowichan Hospital site, which is due to start construction in 2022. The property is currently utilized as a single family property but is identified as a high density mixed use or multifamily (3-5 storey) site in the Bell McKinnon Land Use Plan.

This potential development property is located on Herd Road just north from the new Cowichan District Hospital (“CDH”) site. The Property’s location, physical and development potential provides for an excellent opportunity for a residential development that supports the health-care and commercial needs of the new $887 million CDH. Acquisition of this Property could be undertaken with additional acquisitions of adjacent residential parcels.
  • 03-01-2022
  • Sold