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Seton North Retail District - #1
Seton North Retail District - #2
Seton North Retail District - #3
Seton North Retail District - #4
Seton North Retail District - #5

Phase II Construction Underway

The Seton regional development will provide Calgary with its first true ‘Towne Centre’ format.
Seton features the recently opened South Calgary Health Campus combined with an integration
of land uses normally found in a ‘downtown’ setting, providing for an urban community in
a suburban location. The retail portion of the development will include uses ranging from
grocery stores and big box retail to trendy restaurants, financial institutions and convenience
providers in a range of formats from auto oriented to more intimate streetfront retail.

Seton will not only become a destination for those living in south Calgary, but will also become
the new ‘City Centre’ for the south east region. In addition to the South Calgary Health Campus
and retail offerings, future development of the plan will include high density residential, senior’s
homes, a new high school and public library. Also intended for the area is a new state of the art
recreational facility and approximately 1.5 million square feet of office and professional space
all served by a future LRT line and, in the immediate future, a bus rapid transit system. Seton
is immediately surrounded by existing and future residential communities which will contain an
approximate population of over 120,000 people upon completion.

Seton will feature the most diverse set of land uses in the city, encouraging people to live, work,
shop, educate, recuperate and recreate, all within a high quality urban environment. Integral to
Seton, is the connectivity of varying land uses through pathways, green spaces, parks, roads
and transit.