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New proposed industrial subdivision on Inland Drive - #1
New proposed industrial subdivision on Inland Drive - #2
This subdivision has a main water line running down Inland Drive to the subject parcels perimeter. Electrical and natural gas are already at the perimeter on Inland Drive.

• Lands have a completed drainage study, geotechnical report and proposed subdivision plan.

• The land is presently zoned and operated as agricultural

• Industrial subdivision meets with approval of concept by the RM of Sherwood.

• Upon submission and approval of the subdivision by Community Affairs (Provincial), zoning changes and property tax re-assessment will occur. This has not yet been submitted by existing ownership but the opportunity exists for a developer or long term owner whose goal is to pursue subdivision/rezone/new assessments after purchase.

Asking Price:
$18,000 per acre
  • 11/15/2021
  • Conditional Sold