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  • For Sale
Land for sale at the GTH Industrial Park - #1
For sale by parcel or as one package, these three parcels of land measuring 9.3, 18.54 and 40.06 acres have been offered for sale at more than competitive prices. The GTH offers many attractive amenities such as access to and from the province’s new Bypass road system which accepts turn pike triples giving transportation companies an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while increasing their margins. As well, the pricing structure of this rough-graded land gives the GTH a huge advantage considering the cost of development levies in other parks which may not have the full services of the GTH. The GTH operates as its own authority providing developers permit turnaround in as little as 18 days.
Area Size
Parcel 1 9.3 acres
Parcel 2 18.54 acres
Parcel 3 40.06 acres