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Highway 21 Commercial Land - #1

Future Gateway Development to Fort Saskatchewan

This 148 acre mixed-use development opportunity is located along the main access point between Fort Saskatchewan, City of Edmonton, and Sherwood Park. This parcel was included in an approved City of Fort Saskatchewan annexation application.

Fort Saskatchewan is a major industrial and commercial centre in northern Alberta, with the largest urban municipality within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and the home of Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing centre. Fort Saskatchewan is a small but fast-growing city. With an expected population growth of 1.32% from 2017-2032, the City is likely to outpace growth in the greater Edmonton region (2.09%), Alberta (1.82%) and Canada (1.05%). This growth is driven by the City’s economic opportunities and quality of life.

The City of Fort Saskatchewan submitted an Annexation Application to the Municipal Government Board on April 17, 2019. This annexation was supported by Strathcona County through the Alliance Agreement signed by the two municipalities on September 8, 2018. The annexation was successful and the City of Fort Saskatchewan annexed 952 hectares of land, including this 148 acre parcel.
Area Size
Development Land 148 acres