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Five Ten Fifth - #1
Five Ten Fifth - #2
Five Ten Fifth - #3
Five Ten Fifth - #4
Five Ten Fifth - #5
This downtown property enjoys a central location that offers outstanding accessibility. The main floor boasts a spacious cafe area measuring 1,800 square feet, providing ample room for guests to relax and enjoy their meals. Additionally, there is 904 square feet of +15 space and 1,807 square feet of main floor space available for various purposes. The property also benefits from convenient +15 connections to Fifth & Fifth, Petex Building, and Aquitaine Tower, facilitating easy access between these locations. Furthermore, it is just a short two-block distance away from the LRT Line and numerous Calgary Transit routes, making transportation hassle-free. The immediate area surrounding the property is teeming with numerous amenities, ensuring that occupants have everything they need within close reach.
Area Size
Suite 100 1,807 SF
Suite 230 904 SF