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Colliers Real Estate Management Services Launches Office 2.0

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Colliers Real Estate Management Services (REMS) is proud to launch Office 2.0, a significant enhancement to our office platform.

As the drivers of tenant decision making continue to evolve alongside hybrid work, Colliers REMS is at the forefront of solutions that will increase in-office occupancy and in turn, strengthen asset performance.

Office 2.0 is guided by three key principles:

  1. Data-driven decision-making. Practical insights for our clients’ specific assets, sourced from original surveys of our 34M SF Canadian office portfolio – including more than 2,700 office tenants – and Colliers’ market intelligence, competitive set data, and market trends.
  2. Strategic asset solutions. Maximizing the impact of what we do, whether short- or long-term.
  3. Asset-level customization. As usual, flexibility and a range of choices for our clients and their property team to do what’s right for them.

“The profound shift in the way we work has to be met with an equally profound response to shifting tenant priorities and client expectations,” explains John Duda, President, Real Estate Management Services. “Office 2.0 is a strategic and value-added response that explains why we are leaders in first class office.”

Office 2.0 will deliver a heightened tenant experience through three re-imagined programs, each developed and supported by our in-house team of experts:

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“At the core of Office 2.0 is the fact that there isn’t one idea, retrofit, or piece of technology that will work equally across our portfolio,” says Amy Vuong, Vice President, Strategy. “Our national platform contains hundreds of resources that our local teams will tailor towards the unique needs of each asset, whether Class AAA, A, B, or C.”

We encourage you to contact your account lead or one of our program leads for a demonstration on how Office 2.0 could raise the standard of excellence at your asset. 

For More Information, Please Contact:

John Duda

President, Real Estate Management Services Canada

Toronto Downtown

John Duda is the President of Real Estate Management Services, Canada. John began his career as Director of National Property Services at CIBC, joining Colliers in 2010. Appointed as head of Real Estate Management Services in 2017, John has driven significant growth both organically and strategically through the development of new service lines and markets. In his role as president, John a oversees 14 offices across Canada, working closely with local teams to create value-driven strategies in support of clients’ goals. 

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Amy Vuong

Vice President, Strategy REMS Canada

Toronto Downtown

Amy leads the ideation, planning and implementation of Colliers Real Estate Management Services’ strategic initiatives, as well as oversees the group’s marketing and research teams. With experience in both the brokerage and property management aspects of commercial real estate, Amy has an in-depth understanding of what’s important to clients, internal partners and external stakeholders. Over her 15 years in the industry, she has combined this knowledge with her marketing background, resulting in numerous successes and new business wins.

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