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Colliers Unveils New Branding

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Colliers announced today the launch of its refreshed brand as part of its global brand strategy. Designed for today’s evolving digital era, the refresh is a natural evolution of the iconic Colliers brand.

“Our brand represents our deep expertise, the trusted advice we give clients, and our promise to deliver an outstanding service experience with every opportunity,” said Brian Rosen, President and CEO, Colliers Canada. “Our refreshed brand reaffirms our commitment to accelerate our clients’ success and reinforces both our market leading position and industry presence.”

“The Colliers brand is more than our name – it’s our enterprising culture, mission and values. It’s how we interact every day with clients and how we represent ourselves visually. Today is a significant milestone for our business as we strengthen our presence within the industry and broaden our public profile,” said Becky Finley, Global Chief Brand and People Officer. “Our changes are designed to modernize our iconic brand, maximizing our established equity.”

With the long-standing tagline “accelerating success” at the forefront of Colliers’ business decisions, the rebranding builds upon Colliers’ culture that prides itself on acting with agility, championing new ways to make quick and informed decisions, thinking differently, and bringing passion to work.

Key changes to the brand as part of the refresh include:

  • Updated logo design – The most critical and recognizable element of the Colliers brand. The word “international” has been removed to give more prominence to the Colliers wordmark within the box, allowing for greater legibility especially for digital and small formats.

  • Colliers gets bluer – The colour palette has been updated to be bold and saturated, and to feature energetic shades that align with the company’s passionate and enterprising culture. The colours also work well in digital settings which cater to vibrant colours.

  • New typography – The new typography communicates a clean, approachable and confident brand. 

  • Energized and modern design elements – The refresh brings a suite of new design elements, including more prominent use of the Colliers tagline (“accelerating success”), new blocks and keyline design treatments, and an updated library of photography and imagery.

Switching to the new branding online will be Colliers’ top priority, followed by launching updated print materials and new signage.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Lex Perry

Vice President Marketing, Communications & Research | Canada


Lex Perry is responsible for marketing, communications and research for Colliers in Canada.

A bona fide innovator and outstanding communicator, Lex has a demonstrated track record of successfully designing and implementing effective marketing, communications and research programs for Colliers and for properties in all asset classes.

Under Lex's leadership, Colliers Canada has developed a world-class research and marketing platform to accelerate the success of its people and clients, culminating in the organization winning 37 International Property Awards in the last decade, for its property marketing, website and organizational marketing.

Lex is passionate about building successful teams and driving change to improve organizational performance. He achieves these through understanding people’s motivations, constantly adapting his approach and persistently pursuing objectives with a high level of energy.

Outside of Colliers Lex serves as President of the BC American Marketing Association, BC's leading industry association for marketing professionals.

2018 - Current Vice President Marketing, Communications and Research - Canada
2009 - 2018  Director Marketing and Communications - Canada
2007 - 2009 National Marketing Manager - New Zealand
2003 - 2007 National Marketing Manager Office & Retail Leasing - Australia

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Today, our brand got bolder, smarter and bluer