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An Exercise Of Consolidation And Custom Build

Cooper Standard is an international company specializing in the manufacturing of automotive parts. Operating in four separate production facilities, they were looking to consolidate.

One key requirement was for the plant to be located in the Sherbrooke, QC, area. Having an extremely detailed list of specific needs and certain laws surrounding land purchases that had to be respected, the Colliers Montreal Industrial team carried out a thorough due diligence focused on a curated shortlist of land availabilities.

As the process of selecting a developer was crucial, the Colliers team submitted a list of three firms that irrevocably met all of the client’s needs in building the 138,000 SF facility it required. The team also worked closely with the City of Sherbrooke to ensure the project was in line with municipal bylaws. Colliers Project Leaders teamed up with the brokerage team to ensure all of Cooper Standard’s requirements were addressed. Our team’s relationship of trust with the client allowed them to make appeals on Cooper’s behalf, which was especially helpful given that major decisions were made outside of Canada. 

After an extensive review of the costs, both parties opted to rent the new facility directly from the developer instead of acquiring and owning it. In April 2017, Cooper Standard moved into its new, consolidated facilities at 4870 Robert Boyd in Sherbrooke.