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Colliers Talks | Industrial Podcast Series: Blockchain, Episode 7


“Blockchain is not bitcoin.”

In this episode of Colliers Talks Industrial, Nick Gaganiaras and Erik Valiquette talk about blockchain:

  • The actual definition of this technology
  • Blockchain applications and proven benefits to the supply chain 
  • How blockchain “shines” in a network environment
  • Potential disruptions to industrial real estate as a result of blockchain implementation and more.

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For More Information, Please Contact:

Nick Gaganiaras

Executive Managing Director | Supply Chain Consulting

Toronto West

There is a tremendous amount of value that can be leveraged through the successful design, implementation, and execution of a supply chain. Whether through in-house or outsourced arrangements, organizations are able to differentiate themselves by harnessing their supply chains to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

I am a passionate supply chain leader with extensive experience in the Canadian marketplace. I have designed, implemented, and operated supply chains for automotive, high tech, healthcare, and consumer goods organizations. I also have extensive experience in the point-to-point courier market and mission critical service parts fulfillment operations.

I have a strong appreciation for the unique differences and needs each industry has with the ability to translate needs and wants into an efficient and capable supply chain solution.

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