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We’re Here to Help You "See What Could Be"


At Colliers, we understand that as you, our clients, contemplate the best ways for your businesses to weather – and thrive in – the present climate, sound advice and solutions that extend beyond the now and the obvious are more important than ever.

We are here and ready to help.

We are committed to working with you to see beyond the current reality, find the possibilities amidst the challenges, and help you not only navigate this crisis but come out of it strong.

At Colliers, this is not just what we do; this is who we are.

We see beyond what’s directly in front of us. 

Discovering hidden potential and opportunities that can help you achieve success. 

At Colliers, we don’t see what is. We see what could be.

While it’s a trying time and we may not be able to predict exactly what’s to come, we are optimistic and have the expertise, people and passion to help best position you for success, now and in the future.

Here are just a few stories of how we are partnering with our clients to See What Could Be.

Let’s connect and discover, together, your next opportunity.

We see beyond what’s directly in front of us. 
At Colliers, we don’t see what is. We see what could be.


For More Information, Please Contact:

Lex Perry

Vice President Marketing, Communications & Research | Canada


Lex Perry is responsible for marketing, communications and research for Colliers in Canada.

A bona fide innovator and outstanding communicator, Lex has a demonstrated track record of successfully designing and implementing effective marketing, communications and research programs for Colliers and for properties in all asset classes.

Under Lex's leadership, Colliers Canada has developed a world-class research and marketing platform to accelerate the success of its people and clients, culminating in the organization winning 37 International Property Awards in the last decade, for its property marketing, website and organizational marketing.

Lex is passionate about building successful teams and driving change to improve organizational performance. He achieves these through understanding people’s motivations, constantly adapting his approach and persistently pursuing objectives with a high level of energy.

Outside of Colliers Lex serves as President of the BC American Marketing Association, BC's leading industry association for marketing professionals.

2018 - Current Vice President Marketing, Communications and Research - Canada
2009 - 2018  Director Marketing and Communications - Canada
2007 - 2009 National Marketing Manager - New Zealand
2003 - 2007 National Marketing Manager Office & Retail Leasing - Australia

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