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The Wild West of British Columbia Sees the Sale of Historic 28,000-Acre Cattle Ranch

gang ranch

How Unique Properties Mark Lester marketed and facilitated the sale of one of the largest cattle ranches in British Columbia

A historically significant Canadian cattle ranch, founded in 1863 is now officially off the market, thanks to the efforts of Mark Lester, Senior Vice President, Unique Properties and team at Colliers. Marketed as one of the largest private cattle ranches in the country, The Gang Ranch offers dramatic plateaus, rolling hills, mountains, valleys, and fertile fields.

Comprised of just over 28,000 acres of private deeded land, The Gang Ranch benefits from up to an additional 1 million acres of Crown grazing land. With a scale that allows for substantial beef production, the ranch runs as a cattle operation with just over 2,000 Canadian certified Black Angus pairs.

The Rich History of The Gang Ranch

The Gang Ranch has evolved over many years: from its beginnings as the original Ranch on 160 acres at Gaspard Creek in 1863, to the resettlement several years later in the area that grew to be known as the Headquarters. Most residences, service buildings, and infrastructure lie at the Headquarters located in the southeastern part of Section 11 of the Ranch.

The historic Headquarters is the administrative and community hub for The Gang Ranch. Notable buildings include the General Store and Post office, the Manager’s residence and Ranch office, the historic loft barn, the cookhouse, the calving barn, a mechanics shop, a washhouse, the apartments, and the old “schoolhouse.” Several other older buildings also provide housing and storage.

In addition to the accommodations provided at the Headquarters, several cow camps throughout the rangelands provide lodgings to cowboy crews while out on the range. 

Historical location in British Columbia’s wild west

Located on the west side of the Fraser River in a region known as the Fraser Plateau and benchlands, this area is known for cattle ranching, logging, and back-country tourism. With company in the form of smaller ranches and farms to the north and south, The Gang Ranch is one of British Columbia and Canada’s most significant operations.

Access to The Gang Ranch is by way of a single-lane, steel suspension bridge that spans the Fraser River and is maintained by the Provincial Government. From the west side of the bridge, the road climbs steeply and enters the Ranch across District Lot 674, which secures access to the bridge and Section 11, where the Ranch Headquarters is situated.

The parcels that make up The Gang Ranch are located in the area of the Plateau bounded by the Chilcotin River to the north, the Fraser River to the east, and Churn Creek to the south. The most westerly parcel lies approximately 45 kilometers west of Ranch Headquarters and ten kilometers east of Big Creek.

Unique Properties require Unique Experts

Market knowledge, access to prospective purchasers, solidified relationships and understanding of the asset class and value were just some of the components that attributed to the success of this off-market transaction. Mark Lester has decades of experience in unique properties. To bring his clients a refined expertise in the sale of unique real estate assets, Mark founded the Unique Properties practice at Colliers in the late 1990s. Part of his approach was to ensure that the practice established a strong digital presence yet maintained a pro-active approach to marketing.  

Breathtaking views, captured here:

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Mark Lester

Senior Vice President l Unique Properties l Personal Real Estate Corporation


Since 1991 Mark Lester has represented some of Canada’s most spectacular properties. With an educational background in city planning and professional experience as a planner and real estate consultant in Vancouver and Toronto, Mark entered the real estate brokerage world with a unique and informed perspective.  Mark’s level of expertise in the marketing and valuation of complex and high profile properties has been recognised by a diverse and discerning client base. 

To bring his clients a refined expertise in the sale of unique real estate assets, Mark founded the Unique Properties practice at Colliers International in the late 1990s.  Part of his approach was to ensure that the practice established a strong digital presence, yet maintained a pro-active approach to marketing.   Since that time, Mark has led the sale of over 25 private islands, Canada’s largest cattle ranch, numerous resorts and development sites, marinas, golf courses, forestry lands and  long list of other unique properties throughout Canada and globally, with a combined value of over $1 billion.  Both clients and the real estate industry recognize Mark’s business acumen, his thoughtful and creative approach, his discretion, his commitment to relationships, and his relentless pursuit towards a successful outcome.

Mark is widely recognized as a foremost expert in the marketing and sale of unique assets such as:

·        Private Islands

·        Ranches

·        Agricultural Lands and Agri-Businesses

·        Rural Land

·        Development Properties 

·        Resorts, Lodges and Hospitality Assets

·        Golf Courses

·        Marinas

·        Waterfront Estates

·        Forestry and Resource Lands

·        Foreclosure Properties 



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