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Lack of Availability in the Market Leads to an Off-Market Solution

A Desire to Locate with no Available Options 

Unifor National was looking to relocate its head office to accommodate growth following a large merger. The company had specific and challenging space and location requirements – it needed to relocate within its existing neighbourhood, but there were no suitable options on the market.

Creating an Opportunity where it Didn’t Exist

Matthew Johnson provided a broad perspective and saw an opportunity where none previously existed. He got creative and looked to a location very close to Unifor’s existing head office, which was not on the market for sale. Matt reached out through various channels and began a dialogue with the property owner. His approach to the owner provided them an opportunity, as they were in the process of determining which direction to take with this particular asset. This approach resulted in a closed negotiation, successful relocation and quick sale.

Surpassing the Client’s Expectations

Unifor subsequently listed its existing head office for sale. Thanks to Matt’s marketing strategy and networking skills, the property generated multiple offers and ultimately sold at above market rates, exceeding the client’s expectations.

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