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Niche Industrial Property in North Vancouver Sells Following Multiple Offers during COVID-19

A Tough Sell

Matt Smith’s client owned a property that was challenging to sell, given its layout and format: a riverfront industrial building. The pandemic presented another obstacle to the potential of the property generating interest.

Turning a Challenge into an Advantage

Matt Smith approached the client’s challenge from a different angle and positioned the property as a lifestyle asset with an industrial focus. Matt’s strategy was to leverage the building’s riverfront access as a unique offering for companies looking to provide a work-live-play environment for their employees – a particularly valued attribute in light of current COVID-19 restrictions.

A Winning Outcome

Matt’s vision and strategy were successful. Given COVID-19 travel limitations and traditional workspace constraints, the property’s industrial-meets-nature concept became highly sought-after in the market, attracting a wide range of businesses and leads. The asset sold to a company looking to optimize its logistics and consolidate its real estate assets on North Shore in response to the pandemic.

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For More Information, Please Contact:

Matt Smith

Senior Vice President | Industrial | Personal Real Estate Corporation


Matt is the most active broker in the Vancouver and North Shore markets with over $500,000,000 sold in industrial and investment properties. In 2016 and 2017 Matt achieved "Top 6 Under 6" recognizing the top six producing real estate brokers in Canada with under six years in the brokerage business, earning him the title of Vice President at Colliers. These accomplishments highlight Matt’s in depth understanding of real estate trends from both the owner and purchaser perspective. His knowledge of area plans and zoning specifications have earned him a trusted reputation with property owners. Through these relationships, Matt is able to provide prospective purchasers with off market opportunities that other real estate agents are not aware about. Matt is known for truly understanding his clients business and being the undisputed knowledge-leader in the Vancouver and North Vancouver market.

Notable Transactions:

331 Riverside Drive, 340 Seymour River Place and 2171 Munster Avenue, North Vancouver - $55,000,000

1150 Raymur Avenue, Vancouver - $33,000,000

2004 Columbia Street, Vancouver - $32,000,000

251 Riverside Drive, North Vancouver - $26,840,000

1055 Vernon & 1157 Parker Street, Vancouver - $16,500,000

137 & 141 East 4th Avenue, Vancouver - $16,300,000

30 6th Avenue East Vancouver - $13,700,000

3595 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver - $13,625,000

503 – 505 Railway Street, Vancouver - $13,500,000

246 – 248 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver - $13,000,000

225 2nd Avenue East, Vancouver - $12,250,000

603 – 639 3rd Street, North Vancouver - $11,826,000

851/855 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver - $11,500,000

116 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver - $11,250,000

505 - 507 Alexander Street, Vancouver - $10,605,000

34  West 7th Avenue, Vancouver - $9,800,000

704 Alexander Street, Vancouver – 8,500,000

221 & 275 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver - $7,550,000

1250 East Pender Street, Vancouver - $7,350,000

1142 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver - $6,555,000

1223 East Pender Street, Vancouver - $6,100,000

1275 East Pender Street & 475 Clark Drive, Vancouver - $5,870,000

24 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver - $5,500,000

5566 Trapp Avenue, Burnaby - $5,449,000

1254 – 1258 Frances Street, Vancouver - $3,300,000

1270 Frances Street, Vancouver - $3,850,000

1924 Triumph Street, Vancouver - $2,600,000

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