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Strategic Persuasion and Bold Determination Enable IGF Axiom to Relocate Operations during Pandemic

We didn’t see a tough-to-find property in an almost non-existent market. We saw a chance to use the art of persuasion and bold determination to turn the impossible into possible.

It was during a networking breakfast held by the Fédération des Clubs d’affaires du Québec (FCAQ), that Étienne Marcoux, Senior Associate within Colliers Montréal’s brokerage group, met his client, IGF Axiom. An engineering firm working mainly in health and safety and project management, IGF Axiom was looking to purchase an existing office building in Laval to relocate its business. However, with the availability of office buildings for sale in Laval being non-existent, this mandate was particularly challenging.

A Rare Opportunity Reveals Itself                

Étienne Marcoux and Steve Garneau, Senior Associate with Colliers Montréal, spotted a “FOR LEASE” sign on a 10,300-square-foot office building in Laval and did not hesitate for a minute. Even though the sign said “FOR LEASE”, they knew there was still a possibility the owner would sell, and so they confidently approached the owner to negotiate a purchase.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a tour of the building was not possible, adding another challenge.

Two Transactions Realized in the Span of One Year, During the Pandemic

When the owner finally authorized a visit and agreed to proceed with a sale transaction, IGF Axiom couldn’t be happier as the property met all of the company’s requirements.

Yet the mandate presented another challenge because IGF Axiom still had obligations to Groupe Montoni, its previous lessor, until the end of 2021. Steve, teaming up with Étienne, and with the help of Julie Beauvais, Brokerage Project Specialist with Colliers Montréal, worked diligently to terminate IGF Axiom’s lease. Through a well-established relationship and successful negotiations with the developer, the client was released from its previous lease obligations and is now able to enjoy its new home in Laval.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Étienne Marcoux

Vice President | Commercial Real Estate Broker


Étienne Marcoux is Vice President at Colliers Montreal office and specializes in industrial leasing and sales in Laval and the North Shore market.

Prior to joining Colliers, Étienne worked for a commercial real estate company where he assisted brokers with multiple projects. A newly real estate graduate having over 10 years of experience in sales, he has been named one of the top 7 best salespeople in Canada within an international company. This experience has allowed him to develop his negotiation skills as well as an important network of loyal and satisfied customers. With his customer-based approach, passion and commitment, this result-driven broker offers his clients an efficient and personalized service focused on results.

Furthermore, his passion for sports, mainly for basketball, has allowed him to develop some valuable skills such as determination, loyalty, discipline and team work.

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Steve Garneau

Associate Vice President I Commercial Real Estate Broker


Steve obtained his Bachelors in business administration, with a concentration in accounting. His professional and academic background allow him to easily identify, analyze and solve the various issues that arise in a dynamic work environment. As part of his studies, Steve worked as an auditor. His professional experience has allowed him to develop a keen analytic perspective, an unrivaled attention to detail, and collaborative mindset. Moreover, Steve has acquired expertise in real estate via a university certificate as well as his professional experience as a member of a private real estate group.

Steve is known to be calm and an attentive listener, a quality his clients greatly appreciate throughout the important real estate decision process.

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