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Olivia Flores | Colliers | Montreal REMS - 4915 rue Pare

Olivia Flores


Property Manager

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Professional Summary

Energetic, highly motivated Property Manager with strong financial skills, project management experience and exceptional people skills.  My extensive real estate experience and talent for cultivating strong tenant relationships and team cohesion combined with my ability to optimize the internal processes lead to better financial results and an improvement in the expense control,  interactions with tenants and lease renewal.


Expense control.

My accounting experience and strong negotiating skills allow me to effectively control and decrease the

 costs when possible maintaining the level of service our tenants deserve.  As an example, I was able to

 decrease over 30% of the cost of the waste disposal contract expenses.

Tenant Relationships & Collection Process.

The fast and cordial response time of me and my team allows us to build a strong relationship with our

tenants.  This fact has led to an improvement of all the interactions with our tenants, including the bill

recovery time.  Good communication in addition to an improvement of the collection process has

permitted an important reduction of the recovery time for the tenants that are known to be slow payers.

Process Improvement

Improved construction for new tenant's process (LLW), accounts receivable process,

improving the communication within the different departments, cash flow and tenant satisfaction


- CPA CMA (Strategic Leadership Program)



Memberships & Involvements

- Quebec CPA Order.


Service Lines
Real Estate Management
Property Type
Industrial, Office, Retail

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