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Mike Slattery | Colliers | Saskatoon

Mike Slattery

Property Manager

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Professional Summary

Mike joined Colliers in 2017 and is overseeing a diverse portfolio of commercial, retail, and  industrial  properties. His education in urban planning has helped shape his interest in how real estate contributes to building cities and communities.

Mike is passionate about developing strong and lasting relationships with his clients. The ability to connect with people helps him find common ground with both tenants and owners. His experience running a small delivery business sharpened his attention to detail in budgeting, logistics, and relationship building, which in turn led to the expansion of the business. 

Mike is now looking to continue to develop a variety of skills that will serve him in all aspects of real estate management. Whether it's helping clients understand the context in which their  building is located or simply maximizing value Mike is always looking for ways to share his expertise with his clients. 


B.A Specialization Urban Planning

Mike completed his B.A at Concordia University in Montreal, and it was there he became interested in how cities function and operate. Mike's  interest in the physical environment made real estate management  a natural fit. His degree taught him to understand the context in which his was working.  For Mike part of planning is seeing both the big picture while paying attention to the small details. This translates well to real estate as  both viewpoints are  essential to good management.  This mindset has helped  Mike come up with solutions to everyday issues while balancing big picture goals. Mike continues to take courses related to his profession to better serve his clients. 

Memberships & Involvements

  • On the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Nutana Community Stakeholder Board
  • Tournament Coordinator and committee member for Colliers' annual  charity fundraiser the  Colliers Cup 
  • Helps organize an annual shinny tournament with proceeds going to a different charity every Christmas 

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