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Valuation & Appraisal

Commercial Real Estate Valuation

Appraisal Services Canada

From a single commercial building to a portfolio of properties, Colliers International Valuation and Appraisal Services delivers accurate and timely information that will help you better understand the value of your property and make business decisions accordingly.

Our primary goal is to provide quality and timely service, regardless of the complexity of the assignment and the objectives you need to achieve. Colliers International Valuation & Appraisal Services growth is supported by our position as a recognized leader in real estate appraisal while serving a full range of clients, geographies and property types. 

Service Offering

  • Commercial Property Appraisal
  • Single Asset & Portfolio Valuations
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Market Rental Reports
  • Foreclosure Support
  • Argus Modeling & Investment Analysis
  • Insurable Replacement Cost
  • Highest & Best Use Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Arbitration & Litigation Support
  • Appraisal Reviews & Management

Asset Classes Appraised

  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Apartments
  • New Construction
  • Owner/User
  • Commercial Condominiums
  • Land (Serviced/Unserviced)
  • Hotels
  • Special Use (Car Washes, Grocery Stores, Gas Bars, etc.)

Appraisal Report Types

All appraisal reports and consulting assignments comply with the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (CUSPAP).

Full Narrative Report

Most comprehensive report provided which is CUSPAP Compliant. Offers detailed property description, photographs, comprehensive market overviews, detailed valuation of property with full comparable write ups. Suitable for mortgage financing, litigation support, foreclosure, and any other assignment that requires the highest level of due diligence.

Short Narrative Report

Less emphasis on market overviews and property description but offers a detailed valuation of property. Suitable for small commercial property, or as an update to a recent full narrative appraisal, the intended user typically has good knowledge of the property being appraised.

Concise Appraisal Report

Primary emphasis on the valuation of the property with limited discussion of the property characteristics and market overview.  Detailed valuation of the property and detailed summary of the comparables used.  Suitable for internal use, financial reporting, and when we have completed a recent full narrative of the property.  Intended users typically have excellent knowledge of the subject property.

Market Lease Rate Report

Used to establish market rent for a single or multi-tenant property.  We can provide this report for either the landlord or tenant as an independent opinion of fair market rent.  Often used for lease renewal negotiations and arbitration.

Insurable Replacement Cost Report

This report provides a cost of replacement of all improvements to a property which could conceivably be destroyed.  This report does not establish market value and does not include the contributory value of the land.  It simply calculates the cost to replace all building and site improvements.  Often calculated in conjunction with market value and used for insurance purposes.

Feasibility Studies

Real estate development requires that you investigate the possible negative and positive outcomes of a real estate project before you start investing time and money into it. Such an analysis is called a feasibility study. This analysis allows you to take into consideration legal, economic, technological, and other factors, which are important for the successful completion of real estate development.

Highest & Best Use Analysis

It is the concept in real estate appraisal that shows how the highest value for a property is arrived at. In any case where the market value of real property is sought, that value must be based on its highest and best use. Highest and best use is always that use that would produce the highest value for a property, regardless of its actual current use.


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