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Property Tax

Property Tax Services

We Will Lower Your Property Taxes

Our Property Tax Services group provides consultation and advocacy services to owners and users of commercial and industrial real estate. Colliers International Property Tax Services is dedicated to reducing the amount you pay for your property tax. We will review your commercial property tax assessment and help you appeal that assessment if it is too high.

We combine extensive industry knowledge with advanced technology to provide a highly efficient service and deliver results.

2019 Critical Commercial Property Tax Dates

See below a list of critical dates relating to commercial property tax appeal in Canada:

January 31, 2019 – Assessment Appeal Deadline 

January 3, 2019 – Assessment Notices mailed out.
March 11, 2019 – Deadline for filing appeals
June 28, 2019 – Deadline for payment of property taxes
July 1, 2018 – 2019 Valuation Date

January 2, 2019 – Assessment Notices mailed out.
March 11, 2019 – Deadline for filing appeals
June 28, 2019 – Deadline for payment of property taxes
July 1, 2018 – 2019 Valuation Date

The 2019 Pre-Roll Consultation Period (Pre-Roll) in Calgary runs from Oct. 2 – Nov. 2, 2018 and in Edmonton from  Oct. 15 – Nov. 16, 2018. During this time, Colliers will have the opportunity to review your preliminary 2019 Property Assessment with the assessment department – before it is finalized and mailed to you in January 2019. Pre-Roll provides more certainty for next year’s property assessment, and will help to budget for the upcoming tax year. It also provides an opportunity, without engaging in the formal appeal process, to ensure your property assessment is fair and equitable with other similarly assessed properties. If you are interested in Colliers representing your property portfolio, kindly reach out to or  in Calgary or or in Edmonton to set up a no cost assessment consultation.

Why Review Your Property Tax Assessment?

Your assessments should be reviewed every year, both for correctness and equitable treatment within the market.

Our property tax assessment professionals work closely with our valuation team, brokerage network and property managers, sharing transaction/operational knowledge and market expertise to ensure you pay only your share of property tax.

We have worked with several high-profile property owners, saving them thousands of dollars on their property tax bills.

Benefits of an Appeal

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved profit margin on gross lease properties
  • Responsible tenant advocacy
  • Response to tenant review of operating cost budget
  • Confidence in ensuring an equitable assessment
  • Pre-acquisition operating cost budget
  • Recognizes a property specific concerns not recognized under mass appraisal

Triggers for an Assessment Review

  • Re-assessment
  • Expansion
  • New Construction
  • Chronic vacancy
  • Relocation to new markets
  • Purchase or sale of properties
  • Pre-acquisition tax analysis
  • Annual budget preparation
  • Changes or additions to bylaws &/or municipal area structure plans
  • Tenancy changes

No Win, No Fee

In many cases, we can provide our services so that you only pay us a percentage of what you save. Our fees structure is flexible depending on your specific needs. It is our intent to earn your future business through results that have an identifiable net benefit. Colliers International is prepared to provide review and appeal services for your property on a flat fee or contingency fee basis.

Reviewing Your Property Tax Assessment

We offer consultation and advocacy services to owners and users of all types of commercial real estate. Our commitment is to ensure that you pay only your fair share of property tax. We will verify assessment data and facilitate the assessment review period discussions and negotiations in preparation for appeal hearings. This includes:

  • Income and expense analysis
  • Comparison of recent sales
  • Local and regional market trends 
  • Assessed values of similar properties
  • Highest and best use 
  • Zoning codes and uses 
  • Cost evaluation

We can also identify issues on tenant proportionate share, conducting realty tax due diligence, as well as ongoing property tax management and budgeting.


Complete the form below to request a tax appeal and a trusted Colliers advisor will be in touch.

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Scott Bowden

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Stephen Cook

Senior Director
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Rocky Neufeld

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Brendan Neeson

Senior Director | Property Tax Services
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