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Why should I relocate?

Why should I relocate to a new office space?

Consider all business needs and impacts of relocating your office space.

Business Needs

If your current office space is too small, too large, or inflexible, a new office can energize your organization and act as a springboard for improved productivity and operational cost savings. Additionally, market conditions may support the business case for relocation.

Brand Value Enhancement

The quality of your building and the tenant improvements in your office space speak volumes about your organization. A new building can strengthen your employees' perception of your core values and elevate your brand in the minds of customers and other stakeholders.

Employee Retention

With an improved work space, you will boost staff morale and productivity. Our market research shows that even subtle changes in the work environment create substantial gains in productivity, resulting in improved bottom-line financial performance.

Download the full Office Leasing Guide

Office Leasing Guide

This step-by-step office leasing guide has been assembled to reflect Colliers International's knowledge of the leasing process....