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Relocation Checklist

Industrial relocation checklist

A step-by-step guide for industrial property relocation.


  • Finalize lease for new location
  • Notify present landlord of termination date
  • Advise staff of date and location of move
  • Engage a logistics/supply chain consultant (if applicable)
  • Create a master change-of-address list
  • Environmental impact review?


  • Bid and award moving contract
  • Bid and award telephone and computer cabling
  • Inventory existing assets, including furniture, equipment
  • Code furniture and equipment on a color-coded floor plan
  • Audit keys
  • Order any new office furniture and equipment
  • Order new stationery
  • File change-of-address forms with post office and forward mail
  • Check your insurance coverage for the move
  • Obtain the Certificate of Occupancy and any other required permits or licenses
  • Advise suppliers
  • Decide on security procedures for the move
  • Mail moving notices
    • Banks and financial institutions
    • Clients and customers
    • Professional organizations
    • Credit accounts and credit cards
    • Insurance companies
    • Accounts receivable and payable
    • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions
    • Telephone company and internet service provider
    • Prospects and special services
  • Hold a meeting at new premises three weeks prior to move. Bring in all parties involved (equipment vendors & technicians, design/construction/mover/cabling company/information technology specialist) to ensure all details are covered and all responsibilities clear
  • Change locks/access codes on new premises as close to moving day as possible to secure access
  • Schedule public relations effort, including plans for news releases
  • Arrange for signage at new facility
  • Arrange for post-move cleaning


  • Organize a “staff moving committee” if appropriate and delegate responsibilities
  • Schedule and prepare agenda for your employee move orientation meeting
  • Develop a master relocation project schedule
  • Schedule and implement a clean-up program (purge files, dispose of trash)
  • Schedule staff for unpacking, stocking supply cabinets, storerooms, file rooms, to ensure your company will be operational as rapidly as possible after move
  • Arrange for staff to tour new premises a few weeks prior to move
  • Schedule post-move training for security, fire, and life safety procedures at the new facility
  • Distribute access cards and keys for new premises

Moving Day

  • Remove computer equipment (server) and phone system prior to arrival of movers and commence reinstallation at new site
  • Draft an emergency contact list for vendors including elevator maintenance, building management, utilities, telecommunications and moving company


  • Install and test telephone system
  • Distribute new phone list
  • Do a detailed walk-through of the premises and report any damage to moving company
  • Run benchmark tests and calibration of major equipment
  • Transfer your insurance to the new location
  • Obtain Certificates of Insurance from your insurance company
  • Confirm termination of old leases
  • Collect parking passes, security cards and keys for the old facility. Confirm the return of any deposits held by the landlord for these items
  • Audit final invoices against contracts
  • Complete and file all warranty information for all new furniture and equipment
  • Update fixed asset accounting system for any new furniture and equipment purchased
  • Confirm the change-of-address corrections made
  • Schedule press release and client announcement
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