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Alberta Advanced Consultation Period 2016

The City of Calgary has started inviting property and business owners of non-residential properties to participate in the Advanced Consultation Period (ACP) for 2016. Invitations were mailed June 20, 2016 to explain the process.

ACP will run from October 3 to November 3, 2016.

ACP is an opportunity for property tax agents, property owners, and assessors to engage in an informal dialogue about property and business values in the municipality. Preliminary Assessments are published for the 2017 year of taxation and allow an opportunity to have these assessments corrected, discuss market trends, provide data, and more accurately budget for the 2017 property taxes before the roll is published in January.

This process is an alternative to a formal appeal in front of the Assessment Review Board and is free for owners to participate, while still preserving the opportunity to file a formal complaint in 2017, if the published assessed value on the roll isn’t correct, or fair.

If you have questions about the process, would like to obtain an estimate of your 2017 property and business tax levies, or want to get involved, please contact Stephen Cook.

Alberta Property Tax Capabilities

Our Alberta Property Tax Services office specializes in providing consultation and advocacy services to owners of commercial, industrial, hospitality, and investment real estate. We verify and negotiate to ensure that property owners are paying only their fair share in property taxes by verifying your assessment data with actual and typical market conditions.

Each municipality within Alberta is unique. Under provincial legislation, it is clear which data can and cannot be utilized in preparing an assessment, and an assessment appeal. Colliers International Property Tax Services prides itself in local, regional, and municipal market trending with the most up-to-date databases of information and proprietary market intelligence. Our knowledge of recent Board Orders and Court Cases decisions nationally allow us to offer our clients the competitive advantage in their appeal process.

Colliers is capable of handling assessment appeal and advocacy, income and expense analysis, analysis of recent market transactions and leases, highest and best use analysis, business tax review, business revitalization levies, pre-roll negotiation, condominium cost-benefit analysis, and linear property appeals including, but not limited to, pipeline, railway, and utilities. Colliers Alberta Property Tax Services is confident that you will be positioned well within the marketplace for your property assessment appeal.

Communication Strategy

Colliers International Alberta Property Tax Services prides itself in ensuring that our clients are informed and confident with their tax appeal.

For a list of critical dates relating to commercial property tax appeal in Canada, view our 2016 Commercial Property Tax Critical Date Calendar

  • January – February: Property assessment reviews are completed to identify grounds for an appeal, if any.
  • March – April: Hearing Notices to inform complainants when and where their complaint will be heard, and all necessary deadlines for filing evidence and rebuttal documents.
  • May – December: Complaints are heard in front of the respective Assessment Review Board, depending on the property type and assessed value. Decisions for these Hearings are provided in writing within 30 days of hearing the Complaint.

March 2016: Appeal Deadlines for City of Calgary, City of Edmonton, and City of Red Deer.

Along with these general guidelines, Colliers International Property Tax Services will keep you informed of all communication and negotiations with the municipalities assessing body.

Negotiation Strategy

Our Alberta Property Tax Services office utilizes all of its assets for your tax appeal; a team of brokerage experts actively participating in the market place, a group of appraisers consistently analyzing the market place and collecting data, and property managers familiar with what you are facing as a property owners. We leverage our data and assets to ensure that your assessment is not only correct, but equitable.

Colliers International is actively involved in all pre-roll consultation with the municipal assessors to ensure assessments and property values are correct for our clients prior to being posted in the new year. Whether the pre-roll consultation is a broad sweeping market argument, or a site-specific concern, our clients are confident about the property taxes.

Our Alberta Realty Tax Team actively pursues an equitable value through negotiations with assessors to limit the number of appeals that appear in front of the Assessment Review Board. In the event that a Complaint cannot be settled through discussion with the assessing body, our experts are capable and confident that your best interests are represented in the public hearing.

For more information, please contact us

Stephen Cook

Stephen Cook

Senior Director I Property Tax Services
+1 780 969 2981