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Victoria, BC
Success Stories

Commercial Real Estate
Investment Success Stories

Colliers National Investment Services professionals specialize in connecting our clients and their capital with real estate opportunities domestically and globally.

Westbury Portfolio

Westbury Portfolio | Burlington & Oakville, ON

Property Type: Office
Size: 6 buildings totaling 778,827 SF
Price: $214,000,000
Vendor: Westbury International (1991) Corporate & 2149740 Ontario Limited
Purchaser: LPF Realty Office Inc. (Fengate Capital Management Ltd.) 
GPM GTA West Industrial

GPM GTA West Industrial | Mississauga & Brampton, ON

Property Type: Industrial
Size: 401,124 SF
Price: $32,300,000
Vendor: GPM Real Property (9) Ltd. and Mondow (9) Inc.
Purchaser: CanFirst Capital Mgmt
GE Capital Alberta

GE Capital Alberta Portfolio | Edmonton & Calgary, AB

Property Type: Office
Size: 450,001 SF Total
Price: $43,850,000
Vendor: GE Canada Real Estate
Purchaser: Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada
Capital Park

Capital Park, 500 Block Superior St. | Victoria, BC

Property Type: Office
Size: 6.20 Acres
Price: $34,000,000
Vendor: The Province of B.C.
Purchaser: Jawl Development & Concert Real Estate Corporation
201 Portage

201 Portage Avenue | Winnipeg, MB

Property Type: Office
Size: 510,000 SF
Price: undisclosed
Vendor: Private Local
Purchaser: Harvard Developments Inc. & Greystone Managed Investments Inc.
Hopewell Place Calgary

2618 & 2728 Hopewell Place NE | Calgary, AB

Property Type: Office
Size: 2 buildings totaling 205,366 SF
Price: undisclosed
Vendor: Bentall Kennedy
Purchaser: Investors Group
580 Secretariat Court

580 Secretariat Court | Mississauga, ON

Property Type: Industrial
Size: 148,245 SF
Price: $15,500,000
Vendor: Wilsonia Industries
Purchaser: Choice Properties REIT
Chemin du grand bernier

760 Chemin Du Gran Bernier | Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC

Property Type: Industrial
Size: 373, 946 SF
Price: $34,650,000
Vendor: Exel Canada Ltd.
Purchaser: Fiera Properties
Honest Eds Mirvish Village

Honest Eds, 571-581 Bloor Street West | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Development
Size: 3.5 Acres
Price: $72,000,000
Vendor: Mirvish Enterprises
Purchaser: Westbank Projects Corp.
Pacific Rim Shopping Centre

Pacific Rim Shopping Centre, 3555 Johnston Road | Port Alberni, BC

Property Type: Retail
Size: 80,394 SF
Price: $17,100,000
Vendor: Sun Life
Purchaser: Strathallen Capital
2975-2995 Jutland Road

2975-2995 Jutland Road | Victoria, BC

Property Type: Office
Size: 184,432 SF
Price: undisclosed
Vendor: The Province of B.C.
Purchaser: HOOPP Realty Inc.
1202 Richards Street

1202 Richards Street | Vancouver, BC

Property Type: Retail
Size: 26,016 SF
Price: $16,840,000
Vendor: Metropolis Project Development
Purchaser: Private Investor
Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel

Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites, 5875 Airport Road | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Hotel
Size: 305,000 SF
Rooms: 419
Price: $25,000,000
Vendor: Ivanhoé Cambridge
Purchaser: Silver Hotel Group
1445-1455 West Georgia Street

1445 & 1455 West Georgia Street | Vancouver, BC

Property Type: Office/Retail
Size: 10,800 SF with 39,420 SF gross building area and 7,400 SF with 36,824 SF total rentable area
Price: $35,000,000
Vendor: Phileo Investments Inc. and Mansa Holdings Ltd.
Purchaser: DPC Investments Ltd.
2995 Peddie Road

2995 Peddie Road | Milton, ON

Property Type: Industrial
Size: 303,200 SF
Price: $28,197,000
Vendor: Cooper Constructions Limited
Purchaser: Prologis L.P.
250 Lawrence Ave West

250 Lawrence Avenue West | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Development
Size: 30,000 SF
Price: $12,000,000
Vendor: Lawrence Park Medical Centre Ltd.
Purchaser: Graywood Developments Inc.
1400 Alberni Block

1400 Alberni Block | Vancouver, BC

Property Type: Office/Multi-Residential
Size: 43,282 SF
Price: $83,500,000
Vendor: Private Investor
Purchaser: Wall Financial Corporation
840-842 York Mills Road

840-842 York Mills Road | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Land/Retail Development
Size: 14 Acres
Price: $29,623,000
Vendor: Home Depot
Purchaser: Clydesdale Shopping Centres (SmartCentres)
100 Disco Road

100 Disco Road | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Industrial
Size: 260,995 SF
Price: $29,325,000
Vendor: IGRI (100 Disco Road Developments Inc.)
Purchaser: CREIT (Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust)
Cambridge Industrial Portfolio

Cambridge Industrial Portfolio | Cambridge, ON

Property Type: Industrial
Size: 290,544 SF
Price: $20,610,000
Vendor: Fengate Capital Management Inc.
Purchaser: Skyline Commercial REIT
77 Roehampton Avenue

77 Roehampton Avenue | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Multi-Residential
Size: 82,400 SF
Units: 81
Price: $20,500,000
Vendor: Elserg Investment Inc.
Purchaser: Conundrum Capital
Cargill Building

Cargill Building, 240 Graham Avenue | Winnipeg, MB

Property Type: Industrial
Size: 174,337 SF
Price: $42,287,000
Vendor: Royal Canadian Properties Limited/Spindrift Ventures Inc.
Purchaser: I.G. Investment Management Ltd. as trustee for Investors Real Property Fund
Seaview Gardens

Seaview Gardens, 2290 Marine Drive | West Vancouver, BC

Property Type: Development/Multi-Residential
Size: 58,806 SF
Price: undisclosed
Vendor: Seaview Gardens Co-op
Purchaser: Cressy Projects Corp.
Oshawa Medical Clinic

Oshawa Medical Clinic | Oshawa, ON

Property Type: Office
Size: 86,450 SF
Price: $27,400,000
Vendor: The Oshawa Medical Clinic
Purchaser: Gross Capital Inc.
North Yonge Portfolio

North Yonge Portfolio | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Mixed-Use
Size: Ranges 5,000 - 8,000 SF
Price: $28,164,000
Vendor: Duff & Phelps Canada Restructuring Inc.
Purchaser: Various
Accumanagement Apartment Portfolio

Accumanagement Apartment Portfolio | Winnipeg, MB

Property Type: Multi-Residential
Size: 10 Acres
Price: undisclosed
Vendor: Local Private Equity
Purchaser: Local Private Equity
835 & 885 Oxford Street

835 & 885 Oxford Street | Oshawa, ON

Property Type: Multi-Residential
Size: 5 Acres
Units: 184 Suites
Price: $15,900,000
Vendor: Private Investor
Purchaser: Davpart Inc.
3621 Dufferin Street

3621 Dufferin Street | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Development
Size: 4.2 Acres
Price: $14,250,000
Vendor: Canada Lands Company CLC Limited
Purchaser: H&R REIT Properties Ltd.
815-825 Middlefield Road

815-825 Middlefield Road | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Industrial
Size: 10.02 Acres
Price: $11,900,000
Vendor: SREIT (Quest Middlefield) Ltd.
Purchaser: Private Investor
Kingsway Rona

Kingsway Rona, 1503 Kingsway | Vancouver, BC

Property Type: Retail
Size: 66,318 SF
Price: $21,000,000
Vendor: Delesalle Holdings Ltd.
Purchaser: Cressey Projects Corp.
Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz, 1395 West Broadway | Vancouver, BC

Property Type: Development
Size: 34,365 SF
Price: $30,000,0000
Vendor: Mercedes-Benz Canada
Purchaser: Yuanheng Holdings
5220-5254 Yonge Street

5220-5254 Yonge Street | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Mixed-Use
Size: 1.27 Acres
Price: $20,000,000
Vendor: Romspen Investment Corporation under Power of Sale
Purchaser: Guizetti Corporation
6757 Northwest Drive

6757 Northwest Drive | Mississauga, ON

Property Type: Industrial
Size: 392,919 SF
Price: $34,461,000
Vendor: Schenker of Canada Limited
Purchaser: LaSalle Investments

Canterbury House

Canterbury House, 270 Roslyn Road | Winnipeg, MB

Property Type: Multi-Family
Size: 142 suites
Price: undisclosed
Vendor: Private Investor
Purchaser: Private Investor
8875 Torbram

8875 Torbram Road | Brampton, ON

Property Type: Industrial/Development
Size: 854,312 SF
Price: $34,250,000
Vendor: Hudson's Bay Company
Purchaser: Carttera Management Inc.
105 Keefer - 544 Columbia

105 Keefer Street & 544 Columbia Street | Vancouver, BC

Property Type: Development
Size: 18,827 SF
Price: $16,205,000
Vendor: Rickshaw Chinese Food Ltd.
Purchaser: Beedie Development
Loyalist Plaza

Loyalist Plaza, 4499 Bath Road | Amherst, ON

Property Type: Retail
Size: 68,000 SF on 7 Acres
Price: $13,000,000
Vendor: Loyalist Plaza Ltd.
Purchaser: Bryton Capital Co.

Craftsman Collision

Craftsman Collision, 425 West 6th Avenue | Vancouver, BC

Property Type: Development/Retail
Size: 24,156 SF
Price: $14,500,000
Vendor: Fleming & Reimer Investments Ltd.
Purchaser: Cressy Projects Corporation
25 Ontario Street

25 Ontario Street | Toronto, ON

Property Type: Development
Size: 21,850 SF; 215,170 SF of density
Price: $14,100,000
Vendor: Torli Office Limited Partnership
Purchaser: First Gulf